Household glove equipment process

Apr. 16, 2018 | 11:02:39

The rubber is first sliced by a rubber blender and sent to a sol tank and gasoline mixed sol after slicing. The sol is then emulsified and modulated to pump the latex intermediate tank. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower and is heated and distilled by steam. The light gasoline is heated to a gas phase, and the gas is mixed with cold water in an oil cooler and cooled. The oil-water mixture then goes to the oil-water separator, the oil-water layer. The upper gasoline is recovered, and the lower water is pumped to the cooling tower for cooling. After cooling, the gas of the distillation tower is cooled; the distillation tower latex is sent to the latex mixing cylinder according to its own pressure, stirred, and modulated to separate the glove raw latex material from the centrifuge. After the color, filtered and used.

The glove model of the household glove equipment is first cleaned with acid and alkali, washed with water, and the washed model is first immersed in hot water, heated to dip coagulation agent and dried to dip in the household glove machine. After dipped in the oven, it is sent to the oven for initial drying, fiber inner sleeves, red hot water and then sent to the oven for curing and drying. After the gloves are released, they are checked for inflation, low-temperature setting, medium-temperature drying, water washing, dehydration, and drying before being packaged and delivered to the finished product warehouse.

household glove equipment