Nitrile Gloves precautions

Mar. 27, 2018 | 08:49:45

Please note when storing

1. Protect from light and store it in cool, ventilated and dry place;

2. Close the package in the gloves packging machine to avoid dust pollution and prevent oxidation of the gloves.

3. Any product has a certain shelf life. Once nitrile gloves are produced in the nitrile gloves equipment, they should be used as soon as possible to avoid quality damage.

Wear caution

1. Do not wear rings or other jewelry on your hands;

2. Hand nails should be trimmed regularly, not too long, so as not to cause damage to the glove fingertips;

3. To prevent the piercing of sharp objects, such as needles, toothpicks, etc.;

4. Take off the gloves to slowly withdraw from the wrist, can not pull from the fingertips;

5. Pay attention to the size when choosing. Too small will cause the blood to flow smoothly. If it is too large, it will easily fall off.

6. Need to do regular inspections, if you find damage can not be used.

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