What Affects Punch Quality?

Sep. 03, 2018 | 10:40:14

The quality of each Punching Hand Moulds Base is determined by a few critical factors, including:

The size/shape of the die and punch press;

The amount of force applied (the TruPunch 2020 applies up to 20 tons of force);

The condition of the die and punch press (punching tools are only useful for so many “strokes” before becoming too worn to make clean punches);

The thickness of the metal being punched (thicker metal is harder to punch neatly); and

The type of metal being punched (harder metals are more difficult to punch).

For example, when punching a round hole, it is generally recommended that the minimum diameter of the hole should be larger than the thickness of the metal. However, for especially sturdy metal alloys, the size of the hole may need to be even larger than that general recommendation states.

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Punching Hand Moulds Base