Working process of Gloves stripping machine

Dec. 07, 2017 | 09:13:44

Gloves production process definitely will use gloves stripping machine. Of course Gloves Counting Machine is necessary too.

The working process Glove stripping machine is: synchronous take-off mechanism of the drive sprocket and Household Gloves Production Line glove production line transmission hand mode of the main drive chain meshing, transmission the power to the rail control; rail control installed on the hand mode and one-to-one The glove release mechanism can move longitudinally with respect to the hand mold to move synchronously, move transversely and circularly, and complete the operation of releasing the mechanical claw so as to complete the operation of demolding the glove; the blow-off of the glove and the blow-down of the glove correspond to the initial clamped Tight hand mold and the final position of the retreat of the glove, the glove can be blown on the mechanical claw or the glove blown off from the mechanical claws, in order to achieve full automation of the demolding of the glove.

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