Application Of PVC Gloves In Different Fields

Sep. 23, 2021 | 00:00:00

Disposable PVC gloves

Disposable PVC gloves

PVC gloves are becoming more and more popular, especially in the current epidemic era. Read on for more information about which areas use them.


In the medical field

Medical gloves usually have a PVC coating on the surface. This type of PVC glove is favored by the medical field because they are ultra-thin. This being provided sensitivity at the fingertips in order to work with needles and other delicate instruments. Due to the high strength and puncture resistance of the PVC coating, it provides additional protection against blood-borne pathogens and other body fluids. They are also latex-free, making them friendly for people who need to wear them for long periods of time and ideal for people with sensitive skin.


In the laboratory

Chemists wear PVC gloves because they protect the skin from irritating chemicals such as acids. PVC gloves are cut and puncture-resistant, which means that chemicals will not enter the gloves in the event of an accident. They come in glove or wrist length and are perfect for all laboratory projects. PVC laboratory gloves are also very flexible and are easy to move when handling small objects or fragile items.


In handicraft industry

Warehouse workers, farmers, construction workers, and commercial fishermen all wear PVC safety gloves to protect their hands from cold weather, possible stab wounds, and abrasions. These types of PVC gloves are lined with foam plastic, soaked once, and tightly attached to the wrist to increase the insulation of the elements. These gloves are also characterized by a liquid-repellent coating that maintains flexibility when used in freezing temperatures.


In the industrial sector

People in the heavy equipment industry use industrial gloves. This PVC glove also has a heat resistance and is very suitable for working on high-temperature machinery. They are resistant to chemicals, punctures, cutting, and abrasion. The pleated surface of the palm and fingers provides a non-slip grip and avoids accidents.


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