How to fold the Nitrile Gloves into a triangle

Dec. 02, 2017 | 09:50:04

According to the material,disposable gloves are generally divided into plastic disposable gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves;

In some industries where gloves are frequently replaced, disposable gloves are generally recommended. This not only avoids cross-contamination but also greatly reduces the cost of replacement.Nitrile Gloves are produced by Nitrile Gloves Production Line. Also,the pvc gloves are produced by pvc gloves production line. For example, in industries such as healthcare, laboratories, and food processing industries, which require higher hygiene levels.How to fold the Nitrile Gloves  into a triangle is very easy.Left fold, right fold, then turn. Closed by the end of the first three lines are not connected in the same line is composed of enclosed graphics called triangles, the common triangle by the edge of an isosceles triangle (waist and bottom ranging from the isosceles triangle, waist and bottom equal isosceles triangle Equilateral triangle), unequal waist triangle; according to the angle has a right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle, etc., of which acute triangle and obtuse triangle collectively referred to as oblique triangle.

 Nitrile Gloves