TPE Gloves VS Vinyl Gloves

May. 28, 2021 | 11:02:28

TPE Gloves VS Vinyl Gloves


Vinyl gloves have a strap on the cuffs to make them more closed when wearing gloves. TPE gloves do not have this strap.

Vinyl gloves are relatively thin and have no elasticity. TPE gloves are made of synthetic plastic, soft and elastic, and can be made into fists. This product has excellent tensile strength and elasticity, is thicker, is corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, not easy to damage, and feels good.

Life application

These two kinds of gloves are widely used in hair salons, household cleaning, food processing, paint, pet care, clean room workshops, and in agriculture, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, etc. However, because TPE gloves have strong corrosion resistance and oil resistance, they are used for more basic chemical protection and medical applications.


The main factor determining the price of this pair of gloves is the price of raw materials. Vinyl gloves are generally more expensive than TPE gloves.

In Conclusion

TPE gloves are high-end disposable plastic gloves, delicately embossed, non-sticky, soft to the touch, and non-slip. In addition, TPE gloves can be protected and worn with different pattern blocks according to the design of the mold, and the design of the palm rubber block makes the grip stronger. Gloves will become hard and brittle at low temperatures and have excellent low-temperature resistance. Easier to wear, good adhesion, stronger elasticity, and puncture resistance. TPE polymer gloves are environmentally friendly and tasteless. It does not contain harmful substances such as halogens, heavy metals, plasticizers, etc. Contact with skin will not cause allergic reactions. It can be used instead of vinyl gloves.

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