Counting Machine

Counting Machine

Product Description

By two roller set took the glove from the line. This machine’s two tasks are: 1 glove stacking. 2. Counting the number for easy packing.

Gloves Counting Machine Usage

Gloves production line strip the gloves from moulds,including:PVC glove, nitrile glove, latex glove

The semi-removable gloves are thoroughly extracted and passed down through the rollers

Counting machine plays two roles

1, Separate glove size code

2, the gloves are counted. Easy to ensure that the number of workers glove boxing.

Gloves Counting Machine Features

To count glove the quantity automatically and stack glove.

Work with our Automatic Glove Stripping Machine.

Save labor


1, Exact counting and stable operation

2, Tidily piled up the gloves, low failure ratio