Nitrile Glove Machinery

Nitrile Glove Machinery's History and Manufacturing Process

1. The transformation of disposable gloves

One fact seems certain for companies who manufacture disposable gloves - stay still too long and the market will not only pass you by but leave a company gasping for its business breath and survival. Such go the trends in this industry.

It seems to be a fact of life for a company that makes disposable gloves - staying too long, the market will not only bypass you, but it will also leave the company breathless in order to survive. Such a trend in the industry.

Powdered latex gloves exploded in the 1980s, bringing new competitors into a market that tripled in demand in just three years. By the 1990s, when market demand turned sour, small manufacturers were fighting for survival. Shockwaves have hit the US latex product market as a result of growing concerns about a rise in cases of latex allergy, known more accurately as "latex anaphylactic shock".

2. Disposable glove manufacturers are starting to change

Glove manufacturers are starting to treat the latex more carefully, and after the in-line curing phase of the process has made improvements to the glove leach line, including leach after leach, which helps reduce the protein content of the latex products.

During the same period, tests showed that much of the criticism attributed to skin sensitivity was also caused by gloved powder. As a result, "powder-free" latex gloves are growing.

3. Nitrile gloves on the market

Best-glove Company, a subsidiary of Tillotson Rubber of the United States, was the first Company to introduce nitrile gloves with no supporting film. The normal thickness of unsupported nitrile industrial gloves is usually 15 to 18 mils. By 1990, Best Glove Company developed 5-mille unsupported gloves using synthetic nitrile latex from a major SUPPLIER of nitrile materials in the United States. Today, the product has found new homes in the medical, utility, and food-processing industries.

Why need Nitrile Glove Machinery

Beacuse nitrile glove has many advantages:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, excellent corrosion resistance to some acids and alkalis, as well as some solvents and petroleum.

2. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.

3. Comfort, gloves designed according to ergonomics are comfortable to wear and promote blood circulation.

4. The material is safe, does not contain harmful substances such as protein and amino compounds, and rarely causes allergies.

5. Short degradation time, easy to handle and environmentally friendly.

6. Silicon-free components, with certain antistatic properties, suitable for the electronics industry.

7. Safety, low chemical residue on the surface, suitable for strict clean room environment.

Therefore, with the popularity of nitrile gloves, Nitrile Glove Machinery is also more and more required.

Advantages of nitrile gloves production line:

1. Adopt the most advanced glove production process layout and production process and TPU coating technology.

2. Imported surfactant coagulant, more uniform film formation, no powder removal.

3. Introduce foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, chain running resistance is small, high-speed production is stable.

4. The main motor is dragged, which solves the problems of multiple drags, difficult synchronization, many fault points and difficult maintenance.

5. The oven adopts vertical hot air circulation, which saves energy by nearly 20% compared with other hot air circulation methods.

6. Six-roll long brush mold cleaning technology for cleaning mold fingers.

7. Die positioning and onboard coding technology.

8. Various specifications are produced on the same machine, automatic hemming adjustment, PU hemming rollers, and long service life.

9. Models with different lengths, heights and costs can be designed according to customer needs.

10. Our company has 7 invention patents and 15 utility model patents.

11. The company's products have passed the quality management system certification.

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What Nitrile Glove Machinery Include:

Mold Cleaning

Nitrile gloves machinery-Mold Cleaning

Cool Section

Nitrile gloves machinery-Cool Section

Drop Section

Nitrile gloves machinery-Drop Section

Air Intake System

Nitrile gloves machinery-Air Intake System

Hot-Air Generator

Nitrile gloves machinery-Hot-Air Generator

Pickling Bath

Nitrile gloves machinery-Pickling Bath

Water Scrubbing

Nitrile gloves machinery-Water Scrubbing

Oven Interior

Nitrile gloves machinery-Oven Interior


Nitrile gloves machinery-Pre-Stripping

Labeling Machine

Nitrile gloves machinery-Labeling Machine


Nitrile gloves machinery-Glue


Nitrile gloves machinery-Leaching

Enter The Oven

Nitrile gloves machinery-Enter The Oven

Cooling Action

Nitrile gloves machinery-Cooling Action

Chlorine Wash

Nitrile gloves machinery-Chlorine Wash

Chemical Laboratory

Nitrile gloves machinery-Chemical Laboratory

Accessories Storage Tanks

Nitrile gloves machinery-Accessories Storage Tanks

Batching And Coagulant Tanks

Nitrile gloves machinery-Batching And Coagulant Tanks

Chemicals Preparation Of Tanks

Nitrile gloves machinery-Chemicals Preparation Of Tanks

Hand Module

Nitrile gloves machinery-Hand Module

Number Machines

Nitrile gloves machinery-Number Machines

Strip Machine

Nitrile gloves machinery-Strip Machine

Application of nitrile gloves

* Housework, electronics, chemical industry, aquaculture, food factory, glass door, hospital use, scientific research, and other industries; 

Widely used in semiconductor, electronics, and precision instruments installation and sticky metalware, high-tech products installation and debugging;

Disk drive, composite materials, LCD display table, circuit board production line, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons etc.

What do you get when you buy Nitrile Glove Machinery?

At present, the construction cost of the disposable glove production line, especially the nitrile glove production line, is relatively high. At the same time, the production of disposable gloves requires very advanced supporting equipment and technical support. The degree of automation is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the production investment of disposable nitrile gloves is relatively large. New enterprises must have strong financial strength and technical equipment in order to compete with existing enterprises.

However, there are significant economies of scale in the nitrile glove industry. That is, unit costs continue to decline as production increases. In recent years, with the upgrading of Nitrile Glove Machinery and the continuous application of automation equipment, the threshold for entering the disposable gloves industry has been continuously raised. Especially in the field of high-end nitrile products, it continues to increase. Therefore, there are relatively few competitors. Overall, nitrile glove manufacturing equipment is a business opportunity that can pay for itself in a short period of time and make money.

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