Composition of PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine:

1. Compounding equipment: mixer, filter, vacuum defoaming machine, latex conveying pump.

2. Impregnation equipment: frame, chain, dipping tank, recovery device, drip tank .

3. Plasticizing furnace: cooling, beading, dusting, and powder removal.

4. De-powder: cooling jacket, bead-forming jacket, powder-beating jacket, demoulding jacket, powder-removing jacket.

Advantages of PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine

1. The PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine adopts the most advanced glove production technology, the product qualification rate is over 98%, the product quality is good, the finished product rate is high, and it can completely replace manual operation;

2. The undulating glue is uniform and the film is evenly formed. The glove is completed at one time from hand-mold fitting, blowing flanging, manipulator flaring, manipulator moving outwards, and glove demolding, etc. The demoulding speed is fast, the number of operators is low, and the production cost is low.

3. Adopting the transmission main chain structure developed and designed by Fengwang for many years, the chain running resistance is small, the production speed is fast, and the operation is stable. The main motor is dragged to solve the problems of dragging, synchronization difficulties, failure points, and maintenance difficulties.

PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine

Choose FENGWANG and you get:

1. Rich production experience: We were established in 1999, with more than 20 years of production experience and strong strength.

2. One-stop service: In addition to PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine, we also provide nitrile glove production line, latex glove production line, household glove production line and production line supporting equipment. Our product range is complete.

3. Comprehensive customized service: We will customize the production according to your demand for the length, height and production volume of the PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine to create the most suitable PVC Hand Gloves production line for you.

You can always contact us for more information or more questions!

PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine

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