Latex Glove Production Line

Latex Glove Production Line

Product Description

Latex Glove Production Line PROFILE

Latex Glove Production Line adopts continuous production and direct leaching methods, uniform film, medical-surgical gloves, examination gloves, medical powder, and powder-coated gloves. Can automatic demoulding, high yield, the product without the hanging point.

1, Adopt the most advanced gloves production technology and production process layout, product qualification rate reached more than 98%, protein content is lower than 120 micrograms per gram;

2, TPU coating technology;

3, Imported surfactant solidifier, the film is uniform, no powder mold release.

4, The introduction of advanced foreign transmission main chain structure, chain running resistance is small, smooth production running at high speed.

5, The main motor drag, solve the drag, challenging to synchronize, fault more and more problems such as complex maintenance;

6, Adopt vertical hot air circulation drying oven, compared with other forms of hot air circulation, save energy consumption by almost 20%.

7, A variety of specifications production, the PU edge roller, long service life on the same edge automatic adjustment.

8, Can design according to customer need a different length, height, cost models;

Latex Glove Production Line

DippingLatex Gloves Production Line-Dipping
BeadingLatex Gloves Production Line-Beading
StrippingLatex Gloves Production Line-Stripping
CountingLatex Gloves Production Line-Counting
Glove Surface TreatmentLatex Gloves Production Line-Glove Surface Treatment
Quality InspectionLatex Gloves Production Line-Quality Inspection
Dry The Gloves After Treatment (Add Powder)Latex Gloves Production Line-Dry The Gloves After Treatment (Add Powder)
Glove SterilizerLatex Gloves Production Line-Glove Sterilizer
Finished GlovesLatex Gloves Production Line-Finished Gloves


Latex Gloves Production Line

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Introduction of Latex Glove Production Line

MAIN MATERIAL: Natural Rubber, Antioxidant, Promoting Agent, Stabilizer, Sulfur, Paraffin, Potassium Hydroxide, Lanolin.

Latex gloves are one kind of gloves and it is different from the general gloves. By the emulsion processing it can be used as a family, industry, medical, beauty and other industries. Latex gloves are an essential hand protective equipment. Using natural latex, with other fine additives, latex gloves is produced through special surface treatment and to be made for comfortable wearing. For industrial, agricultural production, medical treatment or daily life, it has a wide range of applications. Latex gloves has smooth latex gloves, pitted latex gloves, transparent latex gloves, stripes latex gloves, and powder free latex gloves.

Latex gloves are divided into several sorts according to the usage: 

disposable latex gloves, household gloves, latex industrial gloves, medical latex gloves, etc.; 

Length: 23cm, 30cm (9 ", 12"); 0.08mm-0.09mm thickness;

Color: beige/ pale yellow; 

Main ingredients: natural latex; 

Import and export commodities encoding 4015; 

Packing: 100pcs/ bag (vacuum packaging); 

Specifications: XS, S, M , L, XL; 100% natural latex latex gloves has very high dexterity so wearing it is very comfortable while there is a high strength. Pinhole rate is low hence with excellent closed protection Characteristics. It is widely used in electronics, food, medicine and optoelectronics and other related industries.

Processes of Latex Glove Production Line

Rubber will be sliced after mixing machine then sent to the melting tank for mixing with the gasoline.  The sol has been sent to the latex storage tank after it has been emulsified and modulated . The rubber melt into the gasoline will be sent into the top of the distillation tower. The gasoline has been separate by heating. The latex remain in the reaction tank will be sent to the mixing tank by the pressure itself and the latex will come out from the centrifugal. After adding colour and filter, the latex is ready for use.  

Gloves model will be cleaned first by acid, water cleaning; Cleaning model by immersing it into the hot water. After that the clean mould needs to have coagulant dipping. Dipping step follows by the oven preliminary drying, adding fiber inner sleeve, sent to the hot oven curing, drying molding. After stripping, the gloves will run the inflating check, low temperature shaping, middle temperature shaping, water washing, dehydration, drying and then packing to send the finished product warehouse. 

Characteristic of Latex Glove Production Line

Latex gloves are suitable for automotive industry, battery manufacturing industry, glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace field, environmental cleaning and cleaning. Latex gloves with wear resistance, puncture resistance, anti acid and alkali, oil, fuel and a variety of solvents, etc.; has a wide range of anti chemical properties, anti oil effect is good; It has the FDA certification. With the unique design of the latex glove fingertips texture characteristics, it has enhanced the grip strength significantly and effectively prevent slipping; Non-palm print design patent, penetration glue evenly, strengthen the protection; unique hand design, cotton lining, improve the level of comfort.

Latex Glove Production Line Brief introduction

Latex Gloves making machine production line is the special Latex Gloves equipment for the production of rubber gloves, is equipped with automatic ejection device (mechanical), high efficiency, high yield, low labor costs, favored by the industry. To reduce the trouble of abroad installation, promote the convenience of maintenance and the convenience of migration, our company specially designed detachable structure mode, so as to promote optimal utilization rate of equipment.

Latex Goves Making Machine Production process

Pre vulcanization: firstly the required chemical auxiliary materials need to be grinded, when reaching standard, to mix with natural latex to stir, get the "latex concentrate" used in production of gloves. 

After vulcanization: gloves fall off from the main Latex Goves Machine Production lines gloves can't package directly, also need cleaning and sulfide. 

Gloves should pass after cleaning dryer will moisture to dry, and then into the drying process (after the high temperature of the dryer reaches the final effect of vulcanization processing).

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Latex Glove Production Line