Features of Latex Gloves production line

Jan. 16, 2018 | 11:39:55

The material of Latex Gloves is made of latex,The gloves produced by latex gloves Production Line have the following features.

1,Generally, the gloves machine can be based on a variety of materials (natural rubber, Ding Qingjiao, PVC,),therefore, there are PVC Gloves Production Line,Nitrile Gloves Production making machine.PC curing process of humane design, process reasonable, automatic balancing plastic system, the product is solid, coating thickness, length and uniform, Point, even temperature, high yield, easy stripping and other characteristics.

2, oven using hot air circulation principle, so that the oven internal temperature uniformity

3, specially designed flexible piston-type die connecting device, the replacement of mold is simple, no die-off phenomenon

Latex Gloves production line