Latex gloves production line raw material steps(二)

Feb. 09, 2018 | 09:10:51

3. Preparation of Latex Gloves Equipment formula with special emphasis on the preparation of rubber, requiring the simultaneous use of two different characteristics of nitrile rubber latex mixed use, and the two latex acrylonitrile content difference of 3% ~ 10 %, Under these conditions, two kinds of latexes can be mixed and used in the ratio of 30-70: 70-30, the specific ratio depends on the difference of acrylonitrile content.

4. Latex pre-vulcanized latex pre-curing materials used depending on the latex origin and climate change accordingly

5 coagulant preparation of Latex gloves production line as long as calcium nitrate aqueous solution as a coagulant, if necessary, add a certain amount of humectants (such as Kao) and release agents (such as calcium carbonate, etc.)

Latex Gloves Production Line