What to do if you are allergic to latex gloves?

Nov. 19, 2020 | 13:32:42

 Latex gloves are a kind of gloves made of latex that are different from ordinary gloves. It is an essential handguard. Latex gloves made of natural latex and other fine additives, after special surface treatment and comfortable wearing, are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment, and daily life.

1. The characteristics of latex gloves

Latex gloves are mainly used in automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing; glass fiber industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace industry; environmental protection, and cleaning. Latex gloves have the characteristics of abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, grease resistance, fuel resistance, etc., and have a wide range of chemical resistance, good oil resistance, and have passed FDA certification. The textured design of the fingertips of the latex gloves is very unique, which can enhance the grip and effectively prevent slippage. The patented design without palm lines allows uniform penetration and enhanced protection. There is also a unique hand design for latex gloves with cotton lining inside. It can improve comfort.

2. What is latex allergic reaction?

Latex allergic reaction refers to the rapid allergic reaction after contact with natural latex products such as latex gloves, latex cork, etc. It also includes late allergic reactions. Latex is allergies caused by skin, mucous membranes, or parenteral routes. Some foods such as chestnuts, kiwis, bananas, tomatoes, etc. have cross-reactions with latex, so people allergic to latex should avoid these cross-reactive foods.

3. What to do if you are allergic to latex gloves

1)Irritant contact dermatitis:

This is the most common condition, usually only manifested as redness, itching, dryness, or dry skin on the hands.

Reason: Wash hands repeatedly with soap disinfectant, but not dry, and the gloves are not breathable, which can cause irritation and cause allergies. If the gloves are dry, it is likely to be caused by the irritation of the talcum powder in the gloves.

Treatment: Before wearing gloves, be sure to wash off soapy water and detergent, and wipe or dry your hands before wearing gloves. If the gloves are dry, there should not be too much talcum powder inside. After each use of the gloves, be sure to wash the talcum powder attached to the hands with water. Once irritant dermatitis occurs, use antipruritic agents, and the symptoms will disappear quickly.

2)Allergic contact dermatitis:

Not as common as irritant dermatitis. It is characterized by itchy hands, dry or chapped skin, often accompanied by erythema and blisters, and generally has no obvious symptoms of systemic allergy.

Reason: This dermatitis is not caused by latex allergy, but delayed allergy caused by certain chemicals in latex gloves.

Treatment: In principle, change a pair of latex gloves or wash gloves before each use, but in practice, in order to prevent severe allergic reactions, it is best to use less or not. Once allergic contact dermatitis occurs, you must take antihistamines and apply Pi Anping on your hands, and the symptoms can disappear quickly.

3) Latex allergic reaction

It is very rare, most of which are rapid reactions, usually within a few minutes to ten minutes in the gloves, skin redness and itching, symptoms can appear all over the body, often accompanied by urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, Chest tightness, palpitations, etc. In severe cases, breathing difficulties and tachycardia can occur.

Reason: These symptoms are caused by latex allergy.

Treatment: Once this happens, dexamethasone and other anti-allergic drugs should be given immediately, and gloves should be taken off quickly, and hands should be washed repeatedly with normal saline. People who are allergic to latex should avoid contacting latex gloves and other latex products again.

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