Tpe Gloves Vs Vinyl

Tpe Gloves Vs Vinyl

What are TPE gloves:

We also refer to TPE gloves as thermoplastic elastomer gloves or stretch PE gloves. Therefore, good stretchability and good elongation are their greatest performances, and they feel soft, strong and fit.

Some types of surfaces feel slippery, some customers require it to be non-slip, and the sticky film will help them grip things better. Especially in wet kitchens and laboratories. But for some sticky foods, such as cakes, noodles, bread, it is more helpful for workers to use non-slip gloves when making them.

Before 2020, to be precise, before COVID-19, it had little impact on the glove industry. Since the demand for this kind of TPE gloves in the world is very small, and the price is close to that of PVC gloves, not many users are willing to switch to TPE gloves.

But users are increasing every year, not only in price, but also in environment. TPE gloves are all thinner than vinyl gloves, which means they are both manufactured and destroyed. It uses less energy, and it doesn't use plasticization, so it's also good for the environment.

The difference between TPE gloves and vinyl gloves:

1. Usage:

Vinyl Gloves have a strap at the cuff for a tighter closure when wearing gloves. TPE gloves do not have this strap.

Vinyl gloves are relatively thin and not stretchy. Made of synthetic plastic, TPE gloves are soft and stretchy enough to make a fist. This product has the characteristics of excellent tensile force and elasticity, thick, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, not easy to break, and good hand feeling.

2. Life application:

These two gloves are widely used in hair salons, home cleaning, food processing, paint, pet care, clean room workshops, as well as agriculture, fishing, forestry, animal husbandry and more. However, TPE gloves are used for more basic chemical protection and medical applications due to their strong corrosion and oil resistance.


The main factor that determines the price of these two gloves is the price of raw materials. Vinyl gloves are generally more expensive than TPE gloves.

3. In conclusion:

TPE gloves are high-grade disposable plastic gloves, finely embossed, non-sticky, soft to the touch and non-slip. Moreover, TPE gloves can be protected and worn with different pattern blocks designed according to the mold. The design of the palm rubber block has a strong grip. Gloves become hard and brittle at low temperatures and have excellent low temperature resistance. More wear and tear, good adhesion, more flexible and puncture resistant. TPE polymer gloves are environmentally friendly and odorless. Does not contain harmful substances such as halogens, heavy metals, plasticizers, etc. No allergic reaction in contact with skin. It can be used in place of vinyl gloves.

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