Can PVC Gloves Effectively Prevent The New Coronavirus Infection?

Dec. 03, 2020 | 13:51:18

Can PVC Gloves Effectively Prevent The New Coronavirus Infection?

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1.Can daily wearing PVC gloves prevent virus infection?

Gloves (PVC, latex, etc.) that you can buy on a daily basis may not completely block the virus; however, they are sufficient for daily protection.

Whether it is PVC gloves or medical latex gloves, whether it is wearing one layer or two layers, it cannot be 100% isolated from the penetration of the virus.

2.So why is it said that daily protection is sufficient?

First of all: if the new coronavirus is to infect the human body, it needs to bind to the ACE2 receptors on human cells, which are mainly distributed in the digestive tract and respiratory mucosa. The above-mentioned receptors do not exist on the surface of the complete skin of the human body, that is to say, the new coronavirus is not easy to directly penetrate the complete skin of the hand and cause infection.

Since it cannot be completely blocked, why are ordinary gloves still useful? Its significance lies in two:

1)The number of viruses can be greatly reduced. Assuming we touch 10,000 viruses with gloves, there may only be one virus that actually penetrates the gloves. The probability of infection when people are exposed to 1 virus and 10,000 viruses is different.

2)It can reduce the difficulty of handwashing (a fully standardized 7-step handwashing method, I believe few people can do it), hands with the virus are the most likely behaviors to spread the virus when rubbing the eyes, picking the nose, and putting it in the mouth. This is why it is important to wash your hands frequently and not rub your eyes. After putting on gloves, the number of virus bases that may exist on the hands is already very small. At this time, coupled with frequent hand washing, then the possibility of our mucous membranes being exposed to the virus will be minimal.

Now we are not just wearing masks, wearing gloves has also become a way to protect ourselves. But ordinary gloves are difficult to clean after wearing; plastic gloves are not fit enough, so disposable PVC gloves have become the first choice of most people.

At special times, it is best to wear gloves to protect yourself when you are away. Compared with ordinary gloves, the use of disposable PVC gloves can be replaced at any time and will not bring bacteria into the home, so it is very advantageous in terms of safety.

PVC Gloves

PVC gloves can play a very good protective role against acidic or alkaline liquids! It also has food safety-level protection, non-toxic, no odor, no harmful additives, environmentally friendly, and degradable! This PVC glove fits the hand design perfectly! Light, thin, and soft, hands are free to move, and the grip is real to the touch, not at all bulky.

Wearing gloves when going out should be an integral part of "hand hygiene" and cannot replace frequent hand washing, nor can it completely block the virus, but it can greatly reduce the probability of virus transmission and the difficulty of washing hands.