Standard for the Use of Disposable Dust-Free Purification Nitrile Gloves

Jul. 16, 2020 | 16:09:31

Nitrile Gloves Production Line Suppliers

The dust-free purification workshop is an essential equipment for precision electronics factories, and disposable dust-free purification nitrile gloves are also essential equipment. So what parameter standards are generally required for the general standards of dust-free workshops in electronics factories? Nitrile Gloves Production Line Suppliers introduces you:

Cleanroom purification standard:

1: Allowable number of dust particles (per cubic meter);

2: The number of particles with a size of 0.5 microns or more must not exceed 3.5 million, and the number of particles with a size of 5 microns or more must not exceed 20,000;

3: Allowable number of microorganisms;

4: The number of planktonic bacteria shall not exceed 500 per cubic meter;

5: The number of Shenlong bacteria should not exceed 10 per culture dish.

Pressure difference: The pressure difference between the purification workshops of the same cleanliness level should be consistent. For different cleanliness grades, the pressure difference between adjacent purification workshops should be ≥5Pa, and between the purification workshop and the non-purification workshop should be ≥10Pa.

The characteristics of dust-free purification nitrile gloves products:

1. 100% nitrile rubber will not cause latex allergy to human skin;

2. More superior anti-puncture ability, anti-bacterial penetration ability and chemical resistance ability;

3. Long-wearing, numb surface, more flexible operation, soft and comfortable to wear;

4. Obtained EU CE certification and US FDA certificate;

5. Obtained EU EN-374 anti-chemical ability certification;

6. Non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. Selected formula, advanced technology, soft feel, comfortable anti-skid, flexible operation;

7. Suitable for many aspects such as medical examination, dentistry, first aid, nursing, etc.;

8. Good protection performance and physical performance, better than latex gloves.

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