Latex gloves purchase method

Oct. 15, 2019 | 17:58:35

Today, latex gloves have become a must-have for the daily life of citizens. Going to the street to buy a few pairs of soft and clean latex gloves to go home to wash the dishes, cleaning the table window has long been a normal thing. Latex gloves are popular among users because of their high elasticity, breathability, bactericidal and noise-free features.

1. High elasticity: Latex gloves made of latex have high elasticity and can meet the needs of different people.

2, breathability: the poor ventilation performance of ordinary gloves lead to the growth of aphids, which cause skin diseases. The latex gloves have good breathability and a smooth surface that prevents the mites from attaching, so the latex gloves are very clean and tidy.

3. Sterilization: The oak protein contained in the latex gloves can inhibit the adhesion of germs and allergens, reduce the growth of germs and mites, and emit a special milky aroma. It can also be applied to people with respiratory diseases. .

4, no noise: Another major feature of latex gloves is no noise.

So how do you buy disposable latex gloves? Latex gloves making machine China teaches you a few methods and hopes to help everyone.

1. Disposable powder-free latex gloves are made of high-quality latex materials and produced by a long time leaching process. The disposable powder-free latex gloves have low protein content and can guarantee durability and comfort under harsh working conditions. . The advantage of powder-free gloves is that they do not cause irritation to the skin and can be applied in many areas, such as car maintenance, industrial production, sanitation, painting and agriculture.

2, to buy a good disposable latex gloves (no powder) to understand the characteristics of disposable latex gloves, according to the characteristics of the choice of products. The remarkable feature of disposable powder-free latex gloves is that they are powder-free and prevent skin irritation associated with glove powder. According to the actual needs and the characteristics of your skin, it is judged whether powder or powder-free products are used.

3, when purchasing disposable latex gloves, one thing to pay attention to is the size of the gloves. In order to be more accurate, you can measure it before purchasing, generally the length from the middle finger to the wrist, and the palm of your hand. width. It is much easier to select the size of the glove based on the measured size, making it easy to choose the right size.

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