Why do military and police wear tactical gloves?

Dec. 14, 2019 | 10:57:29

When the police face criminals, the danger they face is more than just knives and guns. Even if it is a body search, the suspect may have a skin disease, an infectious disease, a pocket with a blade, a needle for drug use, etc. In the arrest, he faces a greater risk of cuts, and the risk of cross blood with the criminal.

So how to avoid these injuries? It's simple. Wear gloves. At this time we need to use gloves to protect ourselves.

It is a very mature experience among European and American police officers. In many videos, we can see European and American police officers wearing gloves before arresting and searching. An old Hong Kong policeman has also talked with the author in detail about the experience of using gloves in missions.

There are several types of gloves to choose from for different tasks and facing risks.

1. Labor protection gloves

Represented by super technicians, it is used in various industries to protect users' hands. It is used to operate weapons or equipment, and to protect hands from bumps and pinches during climbing. It can also provide sufficient friction for weapon equipment operations, but it does not have the functions of cut resistance, puncture prevention, and blood blocking.

2. Stab-proof cut-resistant gloves

Super technicians, PPSS, tortoise shell and other brands all have such products, which can prevent general cuts and stab wounds during capture, but generally have poor anti-cutting interlayers, which has poor sensitivity, such as thick interlayers like PPSS, Will affect weapon operation.

3. Rubber gloves

The most common is medical rubber gloves produced by latex gloves production line, which have sufficient sensitivity during body searches to avoid direct contact with each other's skin and direct contact with blood. There is a needle in the other's pocket when searching, and the blade can also avoid direct skin damage. And it is light and does not take up volume. It is recommended that every policeman on the street guard one in a medical bag or sundries bag. The disadvantage is that it is uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and the strength is not easy to break. Although the body search can avoid direct contact with the blade needle, it still does not have the function of puncture and cut prevention.

3M rubber gloves are recommended here, of course, not 3M gloves for dishwashing in the supermarket, but 3M nitrile gloves. Good fit, no problem for body search, and thicker than medical latex gloves. It can also provide sufficient protection when operating weapons and equipment. What's more interesting is that this glove has very high friction. When grabbing the other arm, don't try to escape.

Latex Gloves Production Line

If you don't need 360-degree full protection and need better comfort, then this kind of gloves is also good. The palms and fingers are soaked with nitrile, which can also avoid contact with skin and blood. The friction is also good. The back is made of fabric, which is more breathable and comfortable.

From the above recommendations, we do not recommend any tall tactical gloves. Most tactical gloves are either aimed at shooting needs, improving fit, protecting both hands when shooting, or used for general operations, and protecting both hands when climbing, and cannot meet the needs of police in various complex and diverse tasks. Therefore, it is recommended that every comrade of the police must bring gloves when they are on duty, and bring a pair of gloves with different needs.