Latex Gloves Production Line

Jan. 02, 2020 | 15:11:22

Latex allergic reaction. More rare. Redness and itching usually appear within minutes to ten minutes of wearing gloves. Symptoms can be seen throughout the body, often accompanied by reed measles, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest rush, heart palpitations, etc. Severe cases may present with difficulty breathing, tachycardia, decreased blood pressure, and even anaphylactic shock, sudden death, etc.

Waterproof, acid and alkali resistant gloves should be carefully inspected before use to investigate whether the appearance is damaged. A simple method is to breathe into the gloves, pinch the sleeve with your hands, and investigate whether there is air leakage. Leakage cannot be used; the electrical insulation performance should be regularly checked, and those that do not meet the requirements should not be used; rubber, plastic and other protective gloves should be washed and dried after use, to prevent high temperature during storage, and sprinkle talc powder on Anti-blocking.

The selection of gloves should be based on their weight. Boxing gloves punching is not just the strength of an arm, but the waist's turning force at the foot. Excessive pounds of gloves can lead to irregular punching, which will jeopardize the fighter, so choose based on your weight. When wearing gloves, first of all, see if you can prevent blood flow from your wrist. Swing your hands down randomly to see if they will loosen. Then, make two punches in the air, two back punches and one back punch. If you find that you haven't pulled your fist because of the weight of the glove, then it is clear that the glove is suitable for you. Then, color is a more mind-blowing job. A seasoned player will definitely not choose colors at will. He must choose colors according to his opponents. Generally speaking, two pairs of boxing gloves with the same weight are prepared, one is red. A black, red makes people see simple excitement. If you want to get a particularly violent opposition, you should use red. Black is generally used for defense. It can also give the opponent a sense of depression. Generally speaking, boxing gloves are more powerful and useful. The player's determination to damage, speeding up his becoming impetuous, limiting his play, is defensive. The gloves are also very well maintained. Use a soft cloth to stick a little (but not a little) water to wipe off the sweat from the gloves. Do not wipe directly. Then you will directly change the sweat on the gloves. It will corrode over time. , Resulting in trachoma on the gloves, of course, do not wipe with disinfectant paper towels. A good pair of gloves has a slow internal deformation moment, so don't rush to replace them.

For many years, latex gloves production line suppliers is based on the research and development and manufacturing of cutting-edge equipment technology, and provides customers with turnkey engineering services for the entire plant. We not only have a strong technical background, Have the most sincere after-sales service support. The difference is that our corporate culture is to become true friends with customers. The difficulties our customers encounter in the process of production and factory establishment are also our difficulties. We will stand with our customers and work out solutions together.

Latex Gloves Production Line

Latex Gloves Production Line

Practice has proved that Fengwang develops latex gloves production line. The complete set of equipment is at a relatively advanced level in the industry. Its stability, reliability, advancedness and durability are favored by most domestic latex product manufacturers.

Not only do we need sun protection, like some of the equipment around us also need to protect them. Frequent exposure in the sun will not only fade the surface, but also greatly reduce the life of these items, not only We are afraid of ultraviolet radiation. These devices also need to protect them from sun. Usually, they are placed in a cool place and not in the place where the sun is exposed. These sun protection methods can better protect them. , Increase their longevity, let them create greater economic benefits for us. latex gloves making machine follows the promotion of urbanization and the continuous industrialization of the world. The demand for safety products in China and shopping malls around the world is immeasurable, especially for various high-quality protection Demand for gloves.

The quality of latex gloves is also different. Most of the latex gloves produced rarely use pure rubber. In order to reduce the cost, more or less accessories will be added. Declining the quality of latex gloves has also lowered prices. The factor is the problem of the weight. The thicker the glue is, the thicker it is. The thicker the weight, the heavier it is.

The material of this product is good. It is not ordinary cloth and plastic fiber. If it is only cloth and ordinary plastic fiber, it cannot be used in this industry. And our industrial glove product is the latest and most durable latex, so we can see that this product has a much better effect on this chemical insulation. This product has a very good workmanship, and it is more effective to protect our hands. These are the reasons. We see that most workers now choose to wear this product during construction, so that it is safer during construction. Feel it.