The Main Method of Using PVC Gloves

Mar. 13, 2019 | 16:45:00

How to wear pvc gloves producted by PVC Glove Making Machine: Select the appropriate size of pvc gloves; check the validity period on the outer packaging of the gloves; check whether the outer packaging is tight; wash hands or surgical hands before wearing pvc gloves; open the gloves; open the pockets of one hand, another Hold the glove over the folded part (the inner surface of the glove) and remove the glove; put it on the five fingers; pick up the other bag in the same way, insert the finger of the pvc glove into the inside of the cuff of the other glove, and wear the glove. Then, put the glove on the flip, put your hands together, and adjust the position of the gloves.

How to remove the pvc gloves: Use the gloved hand to pinch the edge of the other contaminated surface of the glove to take off the glove, hold the removed glove with the gloved hand, and pinch the other with the gloved hand Only the edge of the glove cleaning surface (inside), take off the glove, pinch the inside of the glove into the medical waste container, and wash your hands after removing the pvc gloves.


1. The use of gloves is not a substitute for hand hygiene.

2. Hand hygiene should be carried out before wearing pvc gloves and after taking off gloves.

3. When the gloves are damaged, hand hygiene should be performed before replacing the new gloves.

4. Do not wear the same pair of gloves when handling more than one patient.

5. When wearing gloves or medical treatment, the gloves should be replaced when moving from the contaminated parts of the same patient (including incomplete skin, mucous membranes or implanted medical equipment) to the cleaning area.

Common mistakes:

1. Touch the glove cleaning surface (inside) when wearing pvc gloves.

2. Wear gloves to answer calls, write, type, etc.

3. Diagnosis and treatment The gloves were not replaced between different patients.

4. Do not wash your hands before wearing gloves and after removing gloves.

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