PVC Gloves Performance is Affected by PVC

Mar. 01, 2019 | 15:40:44

PVC glove made by PVC Gloves Making Machine performance is affected by many factors, PVC materials, processing methods, storage methods, etc., PVC materials are also affected by multiple internal factors, especially its molecular weight and its distribution, which has an important impact on PVC gloves.

As the molecular weight of PVC increases, the degree of attraction or entanglement between the molecular chains increases accordingly, the glass transition temperature increases, the mechanical strength of PVC gloves increases, and the heat distortion temperature increases.

Generally, as the molecular weight or degree of polymerization of the PVC resin increases, the apparent viscosity of the melt of the PVC increases, and the fluidity deteriorates, so that the processing temperature needs to be increased accordingly, and the processing temperature is raised too high to cause degradation of the resin. The processing and product properties of PVC materials depend not only on the average molecular weight, but also on the molecular weight distribution of PVC.

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Generally speaking, a PVC resin having a narrow molecular weight distribution has good molding processability, not only because the processing property and the uniformity of the product properties are maintained, but also because the abnormal structures such as double bonds are mostly concentrated in the low molecular weight fraction, and the molecular weight distribution is wide. Significantly reduce its thermal stability, heat distortion temperature, electrical insulation, mechanical strength and aging resistance; in addition, PV resin can not be easily plasticized under normal processing conditions, so that PVC gloves have serious intrinsic quality. problem. Therefore, the molecular weight and distribution of the resin should be strictly controlled in the actual production process of PVC gloves.
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