PVC Production Line features

Apr. 03, 2018 | 10:02:55

1. PVC Production Line is fully automated based on the chemical properties of raw materials and the process requirements for glove forming, and the equipment flow is compact.

2. The drying box adopts the tunnel-type drying method, the principle of hot air rising, recycling hot air circulating stirring, so that the machine can get the minimum power.

3, the use of effective heating space hot air circulation principle to reduce the cost; multi-stage PID temperature intelligent control system, the temperature error does not exceed ±5°C, uniform heat gloss.

4, PVC Gloves Equipment production, unique joint design, replacement of the mold is simple and speed up the cycle;

5, automatic vibration glue, even glue system makes the finished gloves better and neat, uniform thickness.

PVC Production Line