What Is the Latex Gloves Production Line?

Dec. 27, 2022 | 00:00:00

Latex gloves are one kind of gloves. They are different from ordinary gloves. They are processed by latex and can be used in household, industrial, medical, beauty, and other industries. They are necessary to hand protection articles. They are made of natural latex and other fine processing.

Latex Gloves Production Line

Latex Gloves Production Line

Product characteristics :

1. The latex gloves equipment can carry out humanized design according to various materials (natural rubber, NBR, PVC, PC curing and molding process), with the reasonable process and automatic balance glue replenishing system, so that the product is stable, the coating thickness is thin, the length is uniform, there is no vertical point, the temperature is uniform, the output is high, and the molding is easy and simple.

2. The oven adopts the principle of hot air circulation to make the internal temperature of the oven uniform. The high-performance insulation material is used to effectively ensure the temperature does not run off, so as to improve the use of the thermal efficiency of the machine. The automatic temperature control system is used in the heating system of the machine, with the high-performance control switch, to improve the accuracy of temperature control, so as to improve the qualification rate of the product. 3. The specially designed elastic piston mold connecting device is easy to replace the mold without mold dropping.

The process of latex gloves production line is as follows:

(1) the rubber is first sliced by the rubber mixer, and then sent to the sol cylinder to mix the sol with gasoline. After emulsification and modulation, the sol is pumped to the emulsion intermediate tank.

(2)the rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower, and distilled by steam heating. The light component of gasoline is heated into the gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil-gas cooler. The oil-water mixture goes to the oil-water separator and the oil-water is stratified. The upper gasoline is recovered, the lower water is pumped to the cooling tower for cooling, and the gas gasoline of the distillation tower is cooled after cooling;

(3) the emulsion of the distillation tower kettle is sent to the emulsion mixing tank according to its own pressure for mixing and mixing, and then it is separated from the glove raw emulsion by the centrifuge, and then it is used after color mixing and filtering.

(4)the glove model is first cleaned with acid and alkali, and then washed with water. The cleaned model is first heated by immersion in hot water until it is immersed in coagulant and dried for impregnation. After dipping, it is sent to the oven for preliminary drying, fiber inner sleeve, hot water flushing, and then sent to the oven for curing, drying, and forming. After demolding, the gloves shall be inflated for inspection, shaped at low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed, dehydrated, and dried before being packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse.

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