A Quick Guide to Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves

Mar. 23, 2022 | 10:30:20

Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves are a fresh and innovative substitute for vinyl gloves and polyethylene gloves. They are produced from polymers – thermoplastic elastomers – that have many advantages over traditional types of gloves.

These advantages include features such as the material having the same elasticity as rubber and its capability to be molded more than once when heated. The material has very similar resistance to wear and tear, degree of strength and elongation properties.

Read this quick guide to thermoplastic elastomer gloves to find out more about the fresh glove alternative on the market.

TPE Gloves

Material of TPE Gloves

TPE gloves mainly use TPE and MLLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE mixed material to produce, all material are green and recyclable. TPE- thermoplastic elastomer is a new type of material with high elasticity and high strength of rubber. TPE material has a soft touch, good weather resistance, and no plasticizer. It is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, which is widely used in daily necessities in contact with the human body.

TPE gloves are made of raw accessories such as TPE, mixed in a certain proportion, and the soft plastic material of the thermoplastic molding machine is punched and pressed. It is non-toxic, non-microbial pollution, impurities-free and leak-free. It can effectively isolate pollution and prevent cross-infection. You can be used at ease.


Advantages of Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves combine many of the properties of natural rubber latex, like elasticity and versatility, and combine it with the processing efficiency of plastics. The end product is a highly resistant material that is a go-to choice for the Medical and the Food & Beverage industries. More specific advantages include:

  • Eco-Friendly: A significant advantage to thermoplastic elastomer gloves is that they consume less energy during production. As they are made out of non-toxic recyclable plastics, they can often be recycled by process of molding or extruding.

  • Resistant: Thermoplastic elastomer gloves have outstanding thermal properties and stability when they are exposed to a broad range of temperatures and environmental factors. The material is also chemical resistant and can also be made flame-retardant.

  • Versatility: The glove is particularly versatile in its compound and sizing – ranging from soft and jelly-like to rigid and hard, depending on its intended use.

  • Cost-Effective: As a substitute to vinyl gloves, thermoplastic elastomer gloves are an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

  • Industry safe: Thermoplastic elastomer gloves offer easy sterilization and meet the standards for the Medical and Food & Beverage industries.

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Why Choose Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves?

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves are a perfect substitute to vinyl gloves, polyethylene gloves and various other types of gloves as they are made of material that is durable, flexible and resilient. The gloves are specifically designed for the food servicing and food processing industries, which makes them a perfect alternative for wholesalers and distributors in the industry.

They are also a superb substitute to vinyl gloves as they are less expensive to produce and offer significant advantages over traditional gloves.

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