A Quick Guide To Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves

Jul. 21, 2021 | 08:57:50

A Quick Guide To Thermoplastic Elastomer Gloves

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves are a new alternative to vinyl gloves and polyethylene gloves. They are made of polymers (thermoplastic elastomers) and have many advantages over traditional gloves.

These advantages include features such as the material having the same elasticity as rubber and the ability to be molded multiple times after heating. The material has very similar resistance to wear and tear, degree of strength, and elongation properties.

Read the Thermoplastic Elastomer Glove Quick Guide to learn more about the new glove alternatives on the market.

The advantages of thermoplastic elastomer gloves

TPE glove

TPE glove

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves combine many characteristics of natural rubber latex, such as elasticity and versatility, and combine it with the processing efficiency of plastics. The final product is a highly resistant material, which is the first choice for the medical and food, and beverage industries. More specific advantages include:

Environmental protection: A significant advantage of thermoplastic elastomer gloves is that they consume less energy during the production process. Since they are made of non-toxic recyclable plastics, they can usually be recycled through molding or extrusion processes.

High-temperature resistance: Thermoplastic elastomer gloves have outstanding thermal performance and stability under a wide range of temperature and environmental factors. This material is also chemically resistant and can also be made into flame retardants.

Versatility: This glove has a wide range of uses in composite materials and sizing-from soft and jelly to rigid and hard depending on the use.

Cost-effective: As an alternative to vinyl gloves, thermoplastic elastomer gloves are an efficient and low-cost alternative.

Industry safety: Thermoplastic elastomer gloves provide convenient disinfection and meet the standards of the medical and food and beverage industries.

The benefits of thermoplastic elastomer gloves

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves are a perfect substitute for vinyl gloves, polyethylene gloves, and various other types of gloves because they are made of durable, flexible, and elastic materials. These gloves are specifically designed for the Food Service and Food Processing Industries, which makes them the perfect choice for wholesalers and distributors in this industry.

They are also an excellent alternative to vinyl gloves because they are cheaper to produce and have significant advantages over traditional gloves.

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