comfort and quality to meet changing glove market

Jun. 05, 2018 | 11:38:12

Different end users set differing priorities on particular glove functionality characteristics, and till lately, latex fulfilled all those needs efficiently. In semiconductor and HDD production, microcontamination is the essential concern, and reduced particulate, non ionic extractables, very low out-gassing and great electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection are one of the most vital components of a glove. The purpose of the gloves used in pharmaceutical production is to avoid product contamination from production employees and to safeguard the employees when handling the goods. Latex nevertheless is mainly the substance of choice for all these businesses, but this is starting to change.

"The main reason people use latex is to get its stretchability, and tactile texture and dexterity features," Heiland states. "It seems great and gives the wearer a fantastic grip. But virtually every other feature is negative in comparison with the option." However, nitrile"is still among the hardest materials in the marketplace in regards to snag, puncture, abrasion and cut resistance, also supplies a wide selection of chemical security," she states. "It's a versatile polymer which manages the most significant mix of chemical and physical hazards in a broad selection of applications."

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