Glove Stripping Machine Molding Method

Nov. 27, 2023 | 00:00:00

After the gloves are formed on the hand mold, the gloves need to be removed from the mold by the stripping device. The fingers are clamped to the sides of the mold and move axially until the glove is removed from the mold. In the past, the fingers of the stripping device were fixed, but there were errors in the processing of the hand mold, which caused the thickness of each hand mold to vary. If the fingers are not tightened to the mold, the glove will not be released from the mold to the desired position, and the glove may be broken. The glove has to be removed from the mold manually. The production of different models of gloves also requires the replacement of different sizes of molds, and the previous stripping device cannot adapt to different models of molds and needs to be re-tuned.

Gloves Stripping Machine

Gloves Stripping Machine


Working principle of glove stripping machine

The horizontal glove molding line drives the glove release mechanism through the synchronous movement of the chain in the synchronous force-taking mechanism to peel off the rubber gloves located on the hand mold on the horizontal glove molding line downward, making the rubber gloves and the hand mold in a semi-detached state.


Benefits of using glove stripping machine for production

The production of gloves requires the use of various glove stripping machines, which generally use sinkers for processing when stripping. After the gloves are produced, they have good elasticity and toughness and are very comfortable and soft when worn. In order to make the production of gloves have better economic efficiency, sometimes also use the air jet device to remove the dust on the top, so that the gloves after the completion of the mold release has a higher grade.

The use of the glove machine for demolding makes it easier to operate. For example, the use of the LCD screen on the machine allows a better understanding of the operation of the equipment in various states, and the interface is very easy to switch. With the manual centralized lubrication system, the oil pump will automatically be filled with oil once it is pulled to the desired position, making maintenance very convenient and allowing the glove machine to be used with higher productivity.

The gloves produced by the glove stripping machine are more rounded at the fingertips and are very comfortable to wear. The lubrication system of the machine is fully automatic and centralized, making it easier to operate.


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