How are Latex Gloves Made?

Dec. 28, 2021 | 18:01:23

Latex Gloves Production Line

Do you understand how latex gloves are made? Follow Latex Gloves Production Line supplier today to familiarize yourself with the latex glove-making process.

Production process

1. Soap and water cleaning

First of all, the manufacture of latex gloves requires a lot of ceramic hand molds, and any tiny particles left on the surface of the molds may cause holes in the gloves, so the molds should be thoroughly cleaned.

2. Bleach cleaning

Washing while turning can increase the cleaning strength.

3. Brush cleaning

Even the finger crevices can not be spared thorough cleaning.

4. Hot water cleaning

The final part of the residue is washed off together.

5. Hanging drip dry

Let the hand mold dry gradually.

6. Chemical water bath

The liquid latex cannot be directly attached to the ceramic, so a chemical coating needs to be applied to the surface of the hand mold first.

7. Latex coating

The hand mold is inserted into the warm latex liquid... The chemical coating and the latex will react and turn into a gel.

8. Drying the latex

Even when drying in the oven, the hand molds on the assembly line are rotated continuously in order to distribute the latex evenly throughout.

9. Rolling the edges with a brush

Using multiple brushes with an inclined angle, the latex gloves are rubbed a little at a time, gradually rolling the edges of each one.

10. Remove the gloves

Here the latex gloves are ready.

But the glove is finished here, but the process is not yet complete, there is one last step.

That's right, quality testing.

Quality testing

1. Stretch and inflation test

This is the test that every latex glove must undergo.

2. Sampling and filling test

A sample of latex gloves in a production batch is tested for water filling.


Tip: Where did latex gloves come from?

In 1889 in the United States, when the pre-surgical disinfectant contained mercuric chloride and carbolic acid (phenol), a nurse practitioner named Carolyn, suffered from dermatitis due to long-term use.

It just so happened that the medical doctor she was partnered with was courting her and commissioned Goodyear Rubber Company to build thin latex gloves to protect her lover's hands, which led to medical latex gloves.

Today, more than 100 years later, latex gloves are used by health care workers all over the world. And every child health care worker has mastered the extra uses to pay tribute to this lovely group of people.


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