How Important Is Disposable Gloves to Us?

Apr. 02, 2020 | 11:39:42

How important disposable gloves are in our work and life. I do n’t think how important disposable gloves are before I think about it carefully, but now I think very hard and find that we really ca n’t live without disposable gloves, without disposable gloves will not only affect our work efficiency, but also some hidden safety hazards that cannot be solved. It cannot be ignored. In particular, service industries such as hotels are indispensable for disposable gloves. The disposable gloves production lines manufacturer introduces the major functions of gloves.

Food processing

Food processing refers to the entire process of cooking, cooking, preparing food, baking chef cooking and preparation. Some people may think that chefs do not need gloves when cooking, but chefs must wear gloves when cooking. For chefs, gloves can effectively prevent bacteria from invading hands or bacteria outside the gloves. In addition, gloves can minimize the chance of a chef's hand being scratched or cut.

Catering Services

After processing the ingredients in the kitchen, you can prepare the dishes. They are presented to customers in various forms. Buffet is one of the most common forms. When customers dine (buffet), the staff of the hotel catering department need to serve customers, skewer and make cakes. This series of actions meant that employees put on disposable food gloves.

Take care of children

The need to wear disposable food gloves to look after children in a hotel is probably the most overlooked problem. Because parents usually take care of their children, it never seems to wear disposable food gloves. The reason why hotel staff need child-care gloves is that these children are still very young. Most people are in infancy and are more susceptible to bacteria. Hotel staff need to change diapers and milk powder from time to time. The chance that your hands are not contaminated is greatly increased. Therefore, hotel attendants wear two-way food gloves when taking care of children. Can protect their own health, but also ensure the health of infants and young children.

Home cleaning

The use of disposable gloves is essential when cleaning rooms. Because hotel room attendants are exposed to many cleaners. Although these cleaners can quickly and effectively resolve greasy problems, they can also harm the health of hotel room attendants. The chemical ingredients in many cleansers can cause waiters to experience varying degrees of skin itching, redness, and irritation. Therefore, hotel room attendants using detergents need to wear disposable food gloves to protect their hands.

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