Introduction of process for PVC gloves production line

Jun. 09, 2017 | 11:06:51

PVC gloves production line has a high degree of automation, large output, stripping machine can be configured, you can also design and install the length of the production line according to the customer's production site.

PVC gloves production line equipment is through the impregnation technology to produce PVC as raw material synthetic rubber gloves, generally has the following parts:

Impregnation: the mold orderly immersed in solution.

Roll lip: use a moderate and delicate angle to make a roll lip in the cuffs of the glove.

Release: the stripping machine, rapid and orderly completion of the production will be removed from the fingerprint on the gloves.

Count the quantity: count the number by using the gloves counting machine.

Packing: after physical examination and visual inspection, all kinds of packing are carried out.

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PVC gloves production line