Protecting Those Who Protect Us First

Jul. 06, 2021 | 10:55:04

Protecting Those Who Protect Us First

TPE gloves are used for daily hand protection, and nitrile and latex gloves are used for mission-critical frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic-related glove storage.

As the global demand for personal protective equipment continues to increase, we must all find ways to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to the basic staff who need PPE-mainly those in mission-critical medical positions.

It is important that we keep nitrile and latex disposable gloves for health care workers and first responders, and at the same time determine appropriate alternatives for the general population and those who do not have high requirements for personal protective equipment. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are an excellent alternative because they have several characteristics that make them an ideal alternative for hand protection in everyday settings. In particular, TPE gloves combine high ease of use and extensive chemical resistance to become an affordable and recyclable product that is comfortable for the wearer.

The following features make TPE gloves a viable alternative during the global glove shortage.


TPE is a synthetic material with rubber-like properties-especially high elasticity and chemical resistance. The material has a good stretching ability, low modulus, and good return to its original shape, which makes the wearer feel comfortable. Although TPE has similar chemical resistance to natural rubber latex, these gloves are generally lighter in weight and not suitable for work with high mechanical risks.

However, there are multiple layers of TPE gloves that can be used in high-risk chemical environments. Finally, due to the chemical resistance of TPE, gloves can be exposed to hand sanitizer to extend their use.

Abrasion resistance

TPE gloves are easy to wear and take off while providing high wearing comfort and flexibility. Once put on, the soft material warms to the touch and conforms to the shape of the hand for a comfortable fit. The open cuffs make them ideal for workers who require frequent tasks between changing and taking off their gloves. This thin, highly elastic material makes TPE gloves ideal for activities that require prolonged dexterity, such as food preparation. These characteristics make them perfect for anyone who needs light hand protection on a daily basis.


The production process allows clean and economical products. TPE gloves are produced through a cutting and sealing process, which allows rapid production of large quantities at a relatively low cost. Very few chemicals are used in the production process, so the gloves are clean, free of powder, and do not contain any residual allergens. This clean production process provides wearers who usually respond to hand protection with products that meet their needs. TPE gloves are also environmentally friendly, and plastic products can be recycled.


Comfortable, low-cost, and broad-spectrum chemical-resistant TPE gloves allow them to be used in a variety of applications. It makes them ideal protection for low mechanical risk environments such as retail, beauty, housekeeping, cleaning, painting, and household services.

latex glove

latex glove

They are also ideal for foodservice and food preparation. Due to its clean production process, TPE products are food contact approved by the FDA. They provide workers with the high flexibility required for food preparation and production-they are usually available in multiple colors to address cross-contamination requirements.

The lightweight nature of TPE gloves and the broad chemical resistance of the material make them suitable for many applications under gloves. They can be used under knitted-impregnated mechanical protection gloves, and the wearer will be exposed to liquids that may harm the skin. Due to their low cost and lightweight, they can also be used in nitrile and latex, reusable chemical resistant gloves to enhance chemical protection. In these critical environments, wearing TPE gloves as an under glove can extend the life of the glove, protect the worker, and provide an extra sense of security.

It is these factors that make TPE gloves an ideal substitute for nitrile and latex disposable products. From extensive chemical resistance to clean manufacturing processes, these economical gloves have come a long way in providing light hand protection in a wide range of applications, as primary gloves for dexterity or as gloves for high-risk environments.