The Future Of TPE Gloves

Jun. 09, 2021 | 16:27:33

The Future Of TPE Gloves

The full name of TPE gloves is thermoplastic elastomer gloves, also known as tensile PE gloves, so good stretch and better elongation are the most performance, soft, strong, suitable for hands, and some types of feel slip on the surface. Some customers need non-slip, sticky films that will help them grasp things better, especially in wet kitchens and laboratories. But for some sticky foods, such as cakes, noodles, and bread, workers use gloves to help them even more.

Before 2020, to be precise, before COVID-19, it has little impact on the glove industry. Because this kind of TPE gloves has little demand in the world, and the price is close to that of PVC gloves, not many users are willing to change to use TPE gloves, and it is increasing every year, not only for the price but also for the environment. TPE gloves are thinner than vinyl gloves, which means that it consumes less energy no matter in the production process or in the destruction process, and it does not use plasticization, which is also good for the environment.

Today, after the COVID-19, more and more people try to use it to replace PVC, vinyl, and nitrile gloves and learn from it. I think they will be used more in the future and will also promote the development of the industry of TPE gloves and materials.

The development direction of TPE gloves

TPE gloves are very good, much cheaper than vinyl gloves, and much better than PE gloves, so many factories and distributors want to develop them.

TPE gloves also have many bad properties, such as no resilience, too slippery, not as strong as nitrile gloves. In order to solve these shortcomings, we have done a lot of work. For example, adding some TPU to improve elasticity, or adding some SEBS, but TPU is too expensive, SEBS is not easy to produce. Use a double-sided embossing side to make it more gripping and make it non-slip. Use a special glove model to make it difficult to tear off your hands and use it for a longer time.

Current status of TPE gloves

With the rapid decline in the prices of vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves, the prices of TPE gloves have also fallen. Although not as fast as vinyl gloves, they are more valuable than ever.

The future of TPE gloves

No matter how good or bad you think it is, it has been accepted by many users, there are many fans, but there are still many users who do not accept it.

In the future, it will definitely be biodegradable, even stronger than it is now, with recycling systems all over the world. I think both of these situations will appear in the future because too many things use plastic, not just gloves. Plastic is the most useful thing, and the whole world cannot do without it, just like oil.

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