TPE Gloves VS PE Gloves

Jun. 02, 2021 | 15:37:45

TPE Gloves VS PE Gloves

They are all made of film, TPE film is made of T-die casting machine, PE film is made of the blow molding machine, and the same punching machine.

Material: Since they are all PE materials, their main materials are almost the same, and TPE materials can also be blown. MLLDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE are the main materials of the two gloves.

Production: Bowling film machine is cheaper than T-DIE casting film machine. One T-die casting film machine can buy 5 more blowing machines, but the T-die casting film machine can produce more than 2 tons of film a day, and one blowing machine can produce about 0.6 tons of film. The price of hot stamping machines is similar. Melt the mixed materials and then stamp them, these two steps will make the gloves sew.

Price: TPE gloves are more expensive than PE gloves, because TPE gloves are twice as heavy as PE gloves, and the price is almost 3 times that of PE gloves, so the reason is not only the weight but also the production method. Although it is three times more expensive, the price is still very cheap. The price of PE gloves is around US$2.0-3.5, and the price of TPE gloves is around US$7.0-12.0 per thousand pieces. The packaging method is also a very important reason. Some packaging styles are even more expensive than the gloves themselves.

Packaging: TPE gloves are mainly packaged in boxes and bags, and PE gloves are also mainly packaged in this way. But PE gloves also have a cooked food packaging style, which is also called hang gloves or easy-to-wear gloves.

Quality: PE and TPE gloves are completely different quality levels, PE gloves cannot be tested like AQL level, they are truly one-time use. AQL 1.5 TPE gloves can even be used for medical examinations in hospitals, which are much stronger than PE gloves. PE gloves are very thin and not strong, so they are only used for work that is in contact with food or less dust, such as fast food kitchens.

Uses: They are all used for food contact, but TPE gloves are much stronger than PE gloves, so many food factories use TPE gloves for all-day work. It is the most economical glove because PE gloves are too thin to be used multiple times, and nitrile gloves are too expensive.

Size: PE and TPE gloves have many sizes, SSS, SS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, but they are all like small sizes. Although they are all small sizes, the sizes are completely different. For the same size gloves, TPE gloves are smaller than PE, and like vinyl gloves, they feel good and soft. Because TPE gloves are much stronger than PE, you can do this, but PE gloves cannot because they are thin, not strong, and easy to break. If you use such a small size of PE gloves, it is easy to break during use.

Degradable: Both are not biodegradable and can be recycled well, but TPE gloves are better than PE and can be biodegradable in about 20 years, while PE gloves need about 100 years.

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