Common Sense and Misunderstanding of Wearing Medical Latex Gloves

Feb. 22, 2020 | 14:48:23

1. Indications for the use of surgical gloves: surgical interventional radiation intervention, central venous catheterization, indwelling catheterization, total parenteral nutrition and preparation of chemotherapy drugs.

2. Indications for the use of inspection gloves: when in contact with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and items contaminated with body fluids, such as: intravenous injection, intravenous catheter extubation, inspection, processing equipment, waste disposal, etc.

Medical latex is white latex extracted from rubber tree or leached with rubber particles. It is used to produce medical latex products. Rubber particles, ie 33% polyisoprene, have a particle size of approximately 0.3 m and can be maintained on the particle surface by protein and soap. After adding the vulcanizing agent, medical gloves are prepared by dipping, medical latex tubes are prepared by extrusion, and other medical products are prepared by casting. The formulated medical products meet the medical standards of the corresponding products.

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Stripping Machine

Stripping Machine

What is a medical glove: gloves are the standard prevention for medical personnel during work. The purpose of gloves is to prevent hands from being contaminated with microorganisms, to prevent the spread of microorganisms already on the skin or hands, and to avoid damage or reduction of chemicals. Injury of sharps.

Matters needing attention 1. Gloves should be changed between patients with different treatments. 2. After the operation is completed, take off the gloves and wash your hands according to the prescribed procedures and methods. Wearing gloves cannot replace hand washing. Hand disinfection should be performed when needed. 3. When the gloves are found damaged during operation, they should be replaced in time. 4. When wearing sterile gloves, prevent gloves from contaminating.

Hand washing and sanitary hand disinfection should follow the principles: ① When the hands are contaminated by naked eyes such as blood or other body fluids, wash hands with soap (soap) and running water; ② When there is no visible contamination of hands, use quick-dry Hand sanitizer disinfects hands instead of washing hands. The composition characteristics of medical latex products: 1. It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide spectrum, wide pH range, good chemical stability, etc. 2 Use can reduce patient's pain and burden.