Why Are More And More People Using TPE Gloves?

Oct. 13, 2021 | 00:00:00

TPE Gloves

TPE cast film gloves, which are produced by injection molding and calendering with SEBS as the base material, are a high-end disposable plastic glove product. In the basic application, it can replace ordinary PVC, PE gloves for use. The product has excellent tensile strength and elasticity, at the same time, it has a strong thickness, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, is not easy to break, feels good, and has other characteristics, a wide range of applications.


Advantages and disadvantages of TPE gloves

1. finer embossing, no sticking, soft feel, no slippery hands.

2. Strong and durable, part of the field can replace latex gloves, a low price can be recycled.

3. Easier to wear, good adhesion, do fist action softer and.

4. TPE gloves than ordinary PE, PVC plastic gloves have more soft, elastic, and toughness.

5. Does not contain any natural latex ingredients, no allergic reaction to human skin, not easy to break, full of elasticity.


TPE Gloves

When can you use TPE gloves?

TPE gloves basically have all the characteristics of TPE material, which is better than latex gloves in terms of antistatic properties and no odor. After the glove manufacturer's processing, the maximum advantage of TPE material performance. TPE gloves are also capable of cleaning kitchen utensils and sanitation at home, and the properties and cost of TPE provide more possibilities for people's work and life, and its adjustable hardness and physical properties provide a wide range of imagination and design space for product designers, and its environmentally friendly and non-toxic properties are trusted by consumers.


Of course, the use of TPE material gloves is not perfect, TPE glove's hand fit is not as good as latex gloves or nitrile gloves, this is the limitation of the raw material. Nevertheless, the influence in the disposable glove industry does not diminish. We are a TPE gloves supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.