PVC Production Line

PVC Production Line

Product Description

Introduction of Fengwang PVC Hand Gloves Production Line's processes

Fengwang PVC Hand Gloves Production Line is Mainly Consist of 4 Parts:

1.Compounding equipments: including mixing machine, filter, vacuum di-bubble machine, latex conveying pump;

2.Dipping equipments: frame, chain, dipping tank, recycling device, dripping tank;

3.Plasticizing oven: Cooling, beading, Powder spreading, stripping;

4.Powder removing: Cooling sets, beading sets, powdering sets, stripping sets, powder removing.

First of all, for making PVC glove, Putting the main material and agents into the specific container and mixing them by certain ratio. The mixture will be sent to the dipping tank by the feeding pump after filter, vacuum machine, storage. Normally, hand mould will enter the dipping tank automatically. PVC Gloves making machine will rotating after dipping to even the latex sticking on the hand mould and let the extra latex dripping from the hand mould.

Extra latex will return to the dipping tank by passing the collecting tank. The temperature of oven will be at 230~250 degree. Under this condition, the latex will start shaping. The self-cooling, beading, powdering stages is coming after oven. The manual stripping stage will take the glove out from the hand mould. The product will be stored after powdering.

    Dipping: Hand mould is dipping in the latex.

    Beading;Applying adequate angle, the bead will appears at end of the glove. 

    Stripping: Manually take the glove from the hand mould.

    Packing: packing after physical and appearance check.

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Household/Medical glove(full dipping) production line 

This PVC Gloves making machine production line is applying the method of continuous production and direct-dipping method. The quality of the product is evenly and colour of it is splendid. Different sorts of products can be make at the same line simultaneously. Length of the line can be 60, 80, 100 meter. The pvc hand gloves production line is highly automatic and the capacity is also high. There is an option for customer for automatic stripping. The length of the line is also adjustable according to the customer conditions. 

Characteristics Of PVC Hand Gloves Production Line:

1. PVC Gloves machine is well designed. It can be modified reasonable according to the shaping processes of different material( latex, nitrile, PVC,PC).  Automatic refill system makes the quality stable and even-distribution. Also the advantages including: heat receiving is even, production rate is high, easy-stripping.

2. Heat recycling is the principle of the oven let the temperature inside the oven even. The insulation is well by good heat insulation material. In order to raise the heat efficiency, the auto-temperature control system alone with the control switch can guarantee the good product rate.

3. Special flexible piston-style connect device makes the soild connection and easy-changing of the hand mould.

PVC Hand Gloves Production Line Advantages:

1, Safety, to avoid the gear and chain exposed in outside 

2, To reduce the oil leaking

3, More convenient to adjust the rubber roller 

4, Low energy consumption after put into use; the box type design greatly reduces the maintenance rate


Technical Specification for PVC Hand Gloves Production Line

ProjectSpecification(1 line)
Chain Length450M
Chain PitchP=100
Number Of Hand Molds4500
Hand Model ModelS、M、L、XL
Number Of Hand Molds4500
Production Line Speed120-140 Branch/min
Temperature Applicable To Production Line220°--  230°
Capacity1.054-123 million / 305 days(maintenance of production line for the remaining 60 days)
Boiler3.5 million kcal
Dop Electrostatic Recovery45KW
Ingredient Workshop88.5KW

Employees Needed for a PVC Glove Production Line

Workshop1 workshop director, 4 security workers, 7 women workers
Ingredient Workshop2person
Other Staff2-4person

Space Requirements

Production Workshopproduction line 110 meters long, 120 * 8 * 9M(long * wide * high)
Ingredients8 * 5 * 8M(length * width * height)
Quality Room8 * 5 * 3.5 M(long * wide * high)
Hanging Room10 * 5 * 3.5 M(long * wide * high)
Raw Stock 200 square metres, height: 5 metres
Laboratory 8 * 6 * 3.5 M(long * wide * high)
Product Storehouse400 square meters, height 6 meters

PVC Production Line

If you are planning to create a new PVC Gloves Production Line, the following will be of great help to you!

1. PVC Gloves introduction

Disposable PVC gloves are polymer disposable plastic gloves are the fastest-growing products in the protective gloves industry. The medical staff and food industry service staff have recognized this product because PVC gloves are comfortable to wear, flexible to use, do not contain any natural latex ingredients, and will not produce an allergic reaction.

2. Scope of Application and Purpose

Housework, electronic, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food, and other factory protection, hospital, scientific research, and other industries; Widely used in semiconductor, precision electronic components and instruments installation and viscous metal ware operation, high-tech product installation and commissioning, disc actuators, composite materials, LCD table, circuit board production line, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons, and other fields. Semiconductor, microelectronics, LCD and other electrostatic sensitive objects, medical, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, food and beverage, and other clean places

3. Production Technology

Raw material inspection-recipients-stirring -detection-filtering-defoaming store-detection-online usage-dipping-dropping-drying-plasticizing- heating dissipation and cooling-dipping PU-dropping-drying-cooling-beading-pre-stripping-stripping- vulcanization-inspection-detection-packing-putting in storage-shipment inspection-container shipment.

4. Equipment Characteristic

PVC gloves production line adopts continuous, direct impregnation methods, rapid molding, uniform film, and bright color. The production line includes frame, heat preservation system, transmission system, chain, hand mold base, hand mold, material groove, edge rolling machine, edge straightening machine, molding machine, counting machine, refueling machine, and so on. Other subsidiary organizations: batching workshop, inspection workshop, packaging workshop, finished products warehouse, etc. The whole production line has a high level of automation, stable operation, high output, and can adjust the speed according to customer demand.

5. PVC gloves products storage conditions and methods.

It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse. (Room temperature 30 degrees, relative humidity below 80% advisable) from the ground 200 mm on the shelf.

6. Production Line Equipment

We adhere to the quality of survival, innovation, and development. Each link of equipment processing, a professional-quality inspector for inspection, qualified products can be assembled. Each link equipment carries on the processing manufacture according to the professional standard.

7. Transportation

The supplier shall pack the inspected Equipment before the goods leave the factory and fix them after loading them into the container to avoid collision during transportation. After the agreement between the two parties, the buyer shall provide the freight and the container, and the supplier shall load the container and transport the goods to the designated place.

8. Techinical person & Instalaltion person

The supplier shall provide technical personnel to guide the installation, and the demander shall provide installation personnel.

Due to regional differences, there are misunderstandings in language communication. Our technicians will make samples to demonstrate for the demander when installing the production line.

Installation personnel: 

(1). Welders (25-30 years old, including five persons who can use weld pipes) 

(2). Pipefitters (2 persons) 

(3). Electricians (2 persons)

The above types of work are required to complete independently and have a certain amount of work experience.

9. Production line and equipment installation

Production line and equipment installation, installation personnel, should strictly follow the technical guidance of the template to do the building. The production line frame is the foundation; the essential parts should be horizontal, welding deformation, and other requirements. The laying of primary and secondary rails should be flat to avoid slanting the meat when producing gloves, uneven heating, and difficulty finding the benchmark when installing Equipment. When installing a transmission mechanism, must find horizontal welding process requirements to ensure. The heat conduction oil pipe laying must ensure no holes or joints in the welding place. After the laying, it must pass the pressure test and pressure maintaining work. The Equipment must be installed according to the main track of the production line to avoid unnecessary consequences in later use.

10. Overall schedule

(1). Rack-25 days

(2). Main track, auxiliary track, and chain-20 days

(3). Insulation system-20 days

(4). Equipment-25 days

(5). Equipment and pipeline of batching workshop-25 days

(6). Inspection room-10 days

(7). Air compressor and air pipeline-3 days

(8). DOP-25 days

(9). Boiler-25 days

(10). Empty machine test run - 10 days

(11). Install hand mold base and hand mold - 4 days

(12). Trial operation - 7 days

(13). Viscose operation test - 20 days

Note: In the above construction period, in the case of rich personnel, some can be carried out simultaneously, with a total construction period of about 80 days.

11. Running tests

Before running the test, the buyer shall provide fixed operators to facilitate the supplier's process and technical personnel pre-operation training. During the running test, if the supplier's personnel find that the demander's personnel are not suitable for their positions, they shall have the right to dispatch other work. Before the test run, the buyer shall ensure that the required raw materials are qualified before the test run to avoid delaying the construction period.

12. After-sales service

(1) assign special after-sales service personnel to arrive at the site to guide customers in the installation

(2) equipment debugging and trial operation

(3) on-site training of operators

(4) in case of product quality problems, the company shall reply within 24 hours after receiving the customer's call, and the technical service personnel shall arrive at the site within 48 hours (within the province) (within three to four days outside the section) to solve the problems.

13. Others

(1). The supplier shall provide technicians to guide the installation;

(2). When the technical personnel of the supplier enters the factory, the buyer shall purchase industrial injury insurance and accident insurance for the personnel of the supplier;

(3). The buyer shall provide accommodation for the technical personnel of the supplier;

(4). The demander shall provide consumables and tools required for the installation of the production line;

(5). when the technical personnel of the supplier enters the factory, the demander shall ensure that the items of the production line project enter the factory and other things are ready. The person in charge of both parties shall systematically arrange the project schedule during installation. If both parties have any objection to the project schedule during installation, they shall inform and arrange in advance. The buyer shall ensure that the buyer's personnel can complete the work organized by the technical personnel of the supplier on time. If the work cannot be met, the buyer shall inform the responsible person of the supplier in advance. Both parties shall supervise each other to better complete the project during the installation.

14. Installation Project

(1) The production workshop

A. Frameset installation

B. Platform laid

C. Drive mechanism installed

D. Lord, vice rail laying

E. Install the manger

F. chain installation

G. equipment installation

H. Heat preservation institutions to install

I. Equipment with cable

(2) Batch plant

Let stand cans, Deaeration pot, The primary and secondary mixing tank, PU agitation tank installation: The laying of the pipeline; The power distribution cable laying.

(3) The boiler workshop

Boiler and related equipment installation.

(4) DOP workshop

DOP level related auxiliary equipment installation

(5) Air compressor

a. Air compressor installation

b. Pneumatic pipe laying.

(6) laboratory

(7) The cooling tower

The above installation projects are installed on the production line project category; some projects may be done simultaneously.