Solve the problem of sticky latex gloves

Jul. 19, 2019 | 15:07:11

Solve the problem of sticky latex gloves shared by Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter.

Latex gloves is made, by 100% natural latex produce these after ultra clean disposal of low dust latex gloves suitable for clean room and usually needs fine manual labor factory, make the operation object in use process from the fingers of the residue, oil stain, dust and sweat of pollution and impact of effective protection products are not affected.

At the same time, many families cannot do without latex finger cover when cleaning, but often after a period of time, latex finger cover some fingers will start to hair sticky, can not be used again. Many consumers feel it's wasteful to throw it away, but don't know what to do with it.


Here Latex Gloves Machine strength technology project has a clever trick, in the gloves inside put some talcum powder, after each use up dry latex gloves, inside and outside sprinkle talcum powder collected. Talcum powder can also be replaced with leftover prickly heat powder and talcum powder in summer.

If use soap to be alkalescent, can corrode latex glove, had better not wash with soap after using so, and apply weak acidity thing to wash, be like: dilutive vinegar, diluent wash clean essence to wait, must flush clean with water. Use talcum powder if you don't use it for a long time. This makes it easy to deal with the problem. But for those on the production line, if latex gloves are sticky and may have outlived their useful life, please stop using them! There are two reasons:

1. Talcum powder can not stick, but cannot extend the service life of latex gloves.

If you use latex gloves frequently, they won't last much longer. After all, rubber itself ages, regardless of the quality of latex gloves.