Types and USES of latex gloves

Jul. 06, 2019 | 10:09:44

Types and USES of latex gloves

Have cent to point to type, connect to point to type and cent to point to thicken type to wait for a way. Split finger type and split finger thickening type gloves contain 50% rubber content. The standard length of gloves is divided into three types: small (S), medium (M) and large (L), which are 350mm, 400mm and 450mm respectively. There is no large size standard for split finger thickening gloves and only large size standard for mittens.

These industrial gloves by Latex Gloves Equipment are only suitable for handling low concentrations of acid and alkali solutions, common chemicals containing dyes, toxic chemicals, contaminants, and common industrial operations to prevent occupational skin diseases. There are many kinds of latex hands available on the market, with different standards, some with length, some with length, some with sleeve length. Users according to their needs to choose the appropriate standard.

These gloves are resistant to PVC, PVA, organic solution and aging resistance. Goods are divided into short tube, medium tube and long tube.

Latex Gloves Equipment

This kind of goods is made of knitted cotton wool cloth with polyvinyl chloride as outer layer. Other, still have a kind to be based on knitted cloth, canvas, above coating PVC is made, this kind of glove is changed "drop model glove". It not only has acid and alkali resistance function, but also has wear and skid resistance function. Use of latex finger covers:

1. When used for waterproof, please check whether there is leakage first, blow the muzzle to the cover, and then pinch the mouth to see whether the cover is small, if not small, clarify no leakage, can be used.

2. Can not wear for a long time, if you feel swelling and numbness at the fingertips, take off the purple immediately, and lift the finger high, gradually will recover as before.

3. Dry in the shade after use, reusable.

4. When repeated application is not good to wear, may put some prickly heat powder or talcum powder to smooth.

5. Take from the top to the bottom of the roll, so that easy to take off not broken, easy to wear next time.

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