Home / Medical PVC Gloves Production Line Advantages

Jul. 29, 2017 | 11:21:14

Home / Medical PVC Gloves Production Line using continuous production methods and direct immersion way, film uniform, bright color, various models can be online production at the same time, the production line length of 60 meters, 80 meters 100 meters and other specifications, the degree of automation High, large output, can be configured to automatically stripping, can also be based on customer production site design and installation of production line length.

The characteristics:

1, Home / Medical PVC Gloves Production Line can be based on a variety of materials (natural rubber, Dingqing plastic, PVC, PC curing process of human design, process is reasonable, automatic balance of the system, the product is solid, coating thickness, length uniform Point, by temperature uniform, high yield, easy to mold and so on.

2, the use of hot air circulation oven principle. So that the internal temperature of the oven evenly. Using high-performance insulation materials. Effectively ensure that the temperature is not lost. Thereby improving the use of machine thermal efficiency. Machine heating system using automatic temperature control system, with high-performance control switch. Improve the accuracy of temperature control, thereby improving the product's pass rate.

3, specially designed elastic piston mold connection device, replace the mold operation is simple, no mold out phenomenon.