Use of anti-static gloves

Jun. 29, 2019 | 17:05:56

Use of anti-static gloves

Anti - static glove supplied by Household Gloves Production Line Supplier has good performance and resistance to washing. Can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, eliminate the displeasure caused by static electricity when the human body moves or wears off. It can eliminate the clothes caused by static electricity, close to the body, entanglement, not easy to touch dust, resistant to dirty and easy to wash. Antistatic gloves are widely used in electronics, machinery manufacturing, medical and other industries. Mainly used in anti - static environment such as electronics, instrument and so on.

Features: the fingertip is semicircular, which relieves the pressure caused by the fingertip during operation.

Not easy to be contaminated with dust, suitable for cleaners;

Strong elasticity, fully fit the shape of the hand, not easy to slip, flexible finger movement, suitable for fine work;

Strong air permeability, suitable for long - time operation.

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Application: it is suitable for the work places and electronic products with finger tips, such as weak current, precision instrument assembly, product inspection, etc.

Inspection engineering of various research institutions.

It is mainly used in anti-static environment such as electronics and instrument industry where anti-glove operation is required. It can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity. In the petrochemical industry can prevent static electricity caused by the combustion, explosion and other dangers.

It is made of antistatic cloth or antistatic knitted fabric. Used in anti-static environment where anti-static/purification gloves are required.

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