Cleaning process and precautions in clean room

Aug. 09, 2019 | 15:25:00

Cleaning process and matters needing attention in dust-free workshop shared by Latex Gloves Making Machine Exporter.

Dust-free workshop cleaning dust-free workshop through indoor special structural design, effective control of the space area within the scope of the dust particles in the air, and inhibition of harmful gases and bacteria, make indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, static pressure index such as effective control of demand in a certain range, the industry dust-free workshop is mainly applied to precision equipment factory, electronics factory, the indispensable important place such as the pharmaceutical industry, so fine cleaning cleaning is very important and complicated specific cleaning cleaning process is:

I. preparation for dustless workshop cleaning:

1. Cleaning Latex Gloves Equipment: dust-free workshop special vacuum cleaner, dust pushing, anti-static cleaner, clean paper, dust-free cloth, deionized water, alcohol, special cleaning bucket, special anti-static clothing, head cover, shoe cover, mask and gloves, wearing metal-free accessories;

2. Change the special anti-static clothes, hats, shoes, masks and gloves. After completing the unified equipment, go through the dust collection channel of wind bath and dust removal one by one.

Latex Gloves Equipment

Latex Gloves Equipment

Ii. Garbage cleaning and classification and transshipment;

1. After the completion of the dust-free workshop project, indoor floor and wall tiles will accumulate decoration garbage, floating dust and floor glue lines, resulting in dust pollution on the wall and floor; First, clean up the indoor waste. According to the requirements of indoor structure and process, clean up the waste from inside to outside and from top to bottom of the Latex Gloves Machine.

2. Metope, ground, ceiling, air-conditioning outlet and so on with multi-function vacuum cleaner from top to bottom from the inside out one by one comprehensive dust dust removal, and then use the professional dust-free cloth to clean them one by one by the interior walls, shelves, window sill, and ground glass, washing to remove material adhesion of dust, stains, glue and other junk and clean cloth clean;

Iii. Floor waxing electrostatic protection and daily maintenance:

1. After the above cleaning and dust removal, focus on the floor of the dust-free workshop and use special dust pushing to push and clean the floor from inside to outside in stages. In the cleaning of the ground garbage, stains, glue, water stains and other timely use of anti-static agents and dust free cloth clean.

2. Under the premise of ensuring that the ground is free of stains and oil stains, switch to special floor electrostatic pushing and use anti-static cleaner. Use anti-static cleaner to clean the epoxy floor mat one by one according to the order of the workshop to ensure that the ground is clean, dust-free and stain-free;

3. After the dust removal and anti-static cleaning of the ground, wear the dustless shoe cover and use the anti-static wax in the whole workshop according to the order from inside to outside. During the waxing process, be sure to be uniform, orderly, strictly in accordance with the plan and cleaning procedures to ensure that the waxing work has no omission and no dead space.