Are latex gloves reusable?

Aug. 21, 2019 | 09:49:58

Are latex gloves reusable?

Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter shares that latex gloves are made of 100% natural latex gloves with high dexterity, comfort and strength. Low pinhole rate, with excellent sealing and protection characteristics. Widely used in electronics, food, medicine and optoelectronics and other related industries.

Some things can be used twice, such as cans, plastic bags, of course, latex gloves are the same, do not see a small pair of latex gloves, its use is also very big, such as drainage, rubber band, finger cover. Here's how to make these three from discarded latex gloves.

Production method: first select the relatively clean waste milk rubber gloves, cut the end of the rubber band to retain, the rest of the flat longitudinal fold three times, cut into about 1cm wide thin strips to the finger sleeve, then cut off the middle finger, ring finger sleeve, the rest of the discard. The strips are unfolded, autoclaved with rubber bands and soaked in 75% alcohol containers for later use. The gauze equal to the length of the finger sleeve is rolled into a strip of suitable thickness and filled into the finger sleeve for autoclave sterilization.

Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter

Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter


1. Drainage strip

Subcutaneous drainage strip was placed in the operation of shoulder fracture and thyroid gland, which was simple, convenient and effective. Debridement of hand (foot) trauma was performed. Drainage strips were tied to the root of the affected finger, blocking blood supply and keeping the operative field clear. During craniotomy, tissue forceps were fixed on the sterile sheet to prevent slipping and contamination after wound electric knife wire, bipolar electric coagulation wire and suction tube with drainage strips respectively. During the endoscopic operation, the working handle became loose after repeated use of the spring, and wound the drainage strip around the spring to restore the normal elasticity of the handle.

2. Rubber band

In the operation of cryptorchidism in children, the rubber band was used to fix the yixing cold upset machine on the inner thigh without tension after pulling the testicles, which caused little tissue damage. In the anal fistula hanging line operation, the rubber band played the role of chronic cutting of fistula tissue, which was conducive to wound healing and reduced postoperative recurrence rate.

3. After nasal operation, insert the finger sleeve with gauze roll into the nasal cavity to compress the nasal bleeding and reduce the pain of patients. Rubber bands of latex gloves do not stick and are not easy to break after autoclave sterilization, which is better than rubber bands bought in the market. Clever use of discarded latex gloves, convenient materials, simple production, a wide range of USES.

The above three is the introduction by Latex Gloves Making Machine Exporter again using the method, although used latex gloves is not good, but sometimes it doesn't stick to the dirt, so still can use again, do it is simple, easy to use, reduce cost, but for the sake of your safety, again use must remember to clean and disinfect oh!