Industrial gloves daily maintenance precautions

Aug. 30, 2019 | 11:57:14

Industrial gloves daily maintenance precautions shared by Gloves Stripping Machine Supplier.

Should be often use in our daily life of a kind of commodity, to our production and daily life has brought a lot of help, in fact, in this summer, not only we need to prevent bask in, like some of our equipment also want to prevent bask in, they are often under the sun exposure is not only on the surface will fade in greatly reducing the use of these items become old, yea, not only are we afraid of ultraviolet radiation, on these devices are also needs to prevent bask in, they normally in use and put them in a cool and local, not in the sun to the local, Using these sunscreen methods can be excellent for their maintenance, increase their life, let them to create a greater economic benefit to us.

Industrial gloves produced by Gloves Hand Moulds Base in some production workshops is also very important, not because of the summer, the climate is very hot do not wear gloves, that is not possible.

With the advancement of urbanization and the continuous progress of industrialization in the global scope, industrial gloves are in great demand for safety products in China and global shopping malls, especially for all kinds of high-quality protective gloves.

According to the different types of hazards to be protected, industrial gloves can be divided into general protection, anti-cutting, high and low temperature protection, chemical protection and other varieties. Its products are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, general industry, fire rescue, power safety and other categories, to meet the different operation on its own safety protection products of different levels of demand, to maintain the health and safety of workers in the operating environment.

Household Gloves Production Line

Household Gloves Production Line

Talk about the protective features of industrial gloves:

1. Industrial gloves should be carefully selected after the environmental risk factors are clear. For example, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant gloves have strong acid or alkali resistance, and low-concentration acid or alkali resistance.

2. Waterproof, acid-resistant and alkali resistant gloves by Household Gloves Equipment should be carefully checked before use to investigate whether there is damage to the appearance. The easiest way is to blow into the gloves and hold the sleeve tightly with your hands to investigate whether there is air leakage.

3. Industrial gloves should be regularly tested for their electrical insulation functions. They should not be used if they do not conform to the rules.

4. Protective gloves of rubber, plastic and other raw materials should be scoured, cleaned and dried after use. High temperature should be prevented when they are kept, and talcum powder should be sprinkled on the products to prevent adhesion.

5. Touch strong oxidation acid such as nitric acid, chromic acid, because of strong oxidation will form protective gloves brittle, discoloration, early damage, should pay attention to the investigation.

6. Latex industrial gloves are only suitable for weak, low concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and various salts. Do not touch strong oxidizing acid (nitric acid, etc.).