Latex gloves

Sep. 13, 2019 | 15:56:00

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Latex gloves are one of the gloves. Unlike ordinary gloves, they are made of latex. Can be used as home, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries. It is an essential hand protection product. Using natural latex, latex gloves are processed with other fine additives. The product has special surface treatment and is comfortable to wear. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.

Process description

Rubber is first sliced by a rubber machine. After slicing, the soluble cement cylinder was mixed with gasoline sol. Then the sol is emulsified, modulated and pumped to the intermediate tank. Gasoline soluble rubber solution is fed from the top of the distillation tower and distilled by steam heating. The light component gasoline is heated into a gas phase. The gasoline gas is cooled with a mixture of cold water in a gas-oil cooler. The oil and water are mixed to the oil and water separator. The upper gasoline is recycled and the lower water is sent to the cooling tower for cooling. After cooling, the gasoline in the distillation column is cooled. The emulsion of distillation column is fed into latex stirring cylinder under its own pressure. After mixing, the raw latex of the gloves is separated from the centrifuge and used after color mixing and filtration.

Latex Gloves Production Line

Latex Gloves Production Line

The glove model is washed with acid and alkali, and washed with water. After cleaning, the model is immersed in hot water and heated until the coagulant is soaked and dried. After dipping glue, send the oven to dry, add fiber inner cover, and send hot water to the oven for vulcanization and drying. Gloves demodulation, aeration inspection, low temperature shaping, medium temperature drying, cleaning, dehydration, drying, packaging and delivery to the finished products warehouse.

Characteristics of the

Latex gloves for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing; FRP industry, aircraft assembly; Aerospace; Environmental cleaning. Latex gloves have abrasion resistance and puncture resistance. Acid and alkali resistance, oil, fuel and various solvents; It has extensive chemical resistance and good oil-proof effect. FDA approved. Latex gloves feature a unique fingertip texture design that greatly enhances grip strength and effectively prevents slipping. No palmprint patent design, uniform penetration, enhanced protection; Unique hand design, cotton lining for improved comfort.

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