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Disposable latex gloves split latex gloves, sesame latex gloves, is the use of high-quality natural latex, with other additives using special powder - free process refined processing, non-toxic, harmless products; With good tension, adhesion, flexible use. It is divided into the following three levels.

One is more used in the food industry powder disposable latex gloves, production process is necessary to join, so as not to stick together gloves, in order to facilitate wearing. It is important to note that corn flour is good and bad. We use edible corn flour, otherwise it's not good for the user, it's not good for the target.

Second, it is mainly used in the electronic, medical industry of the powder free disposable latex gloves, because just produced is a powder, after our processing - water cleaning out of the powder free latex gloves

Third, it is used in precision electronics, medical industry purification disposable latex gloves, has been cleaned with water without powder latex gloves again with chlorine cleaning, cleanliness reached 1000 level.

Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter

Latex Gloves Equipment Exporter

Advantages of latex gloves:

1, 100% pure primary color latex, good elasticity, easy to wear.

2. Comfortable to wear, free of oxidant, silicone oil, grease and salt.

3, strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to damage.

4, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to a certain ph, resistance to some organic solvents, such as acetone.

5, low surface chemical residue, low ion content, low particle content, suitable for strict dust-free room environment.

Application of latex gloves:

With and without powder powder disposable latex gloves are widely used in food processing, agriculture, medical and other industries, homework, purification of disposable latex gloves are widely used in high-tech products installation and debugging, circuit board production line, optical products, semiconductor, dish plate of actuator, composites, LCD display table, precision electronic parts and equipment installation, laboratory, medical and other fields.

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