Advantages Of Nitrile Gloves

Mar. 05, 2021 | 08:59:11

Advantages Of Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile is formed by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile. In order to improve the bonding strength and mechanical properties of wet gel and vulcanized rubber, nitrile emulsions are often added with carboxyl-containing monomers for copolymerization modification.

Commonly used carboxyl monomers include acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. Carboxylic nitrile latex can significantly improve the mechanical stability, oil resistance, and aging resistance of the latex.

Nitrile gloves are acid and alkali-resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless. It is made of nitrile synthetic material and does not contain the allergic proteins contained in latex. It has the advantages of well-selected formula, advanced technology, soft, comfortable, and non-slip, flexible operation.

Nitrile gloves do not contain phthalates, gloves, silicone oil, amino compounds, and have good performance, cleaning, antistatic properties, aging resistance, and oil resistance. The shape of the purified nitrile rubber gloves can be designed according to the hand, with extremely high sensitivity, excellent tensile performance and puncture resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent wear resistance.

Nitrile is soft, comfortable, and suitable. It has the characteristics of durability and safety. The blue pigment is added to the raw material, and the finished product will not decolorize, will not fade, and has no effect on the product. It is produced with 100% synthetic nitrile rubber with low ion content.

This glove quickly aroused the interest of the medical community and the food processing industry. The unique abrasion resistance and cut resistance, as well as the characteristics of the shape fit, become an interesting substitute for natural rubber.

At present, the cost of disposable glove production lines, especially disposable glove manufacturing equipment, is relatively high. At the same time, the production of disposable gloves requires advanced equipment and technical support. More and more automation. Therefore, the manufacturing equipment for nitrile gloves is relatively large. New entrants must have the strong financial strength and technical equipment to compete with existing companies.

The nitrile glove machine is designed according to the chemical properties of the glove material and the requirements of the molding process, with a compact process and excellent structure. However, there is a significant scale effect in the nitrile glove industry. In other words, unit costs continue to decline as output increases. In recent years, with the upgrading of nitrile glove-making machines and the continuous application of automation equipment. Enter the disposable glove industry. Especially in the field of high-grade nitrile gloves, it continues to grow. Therefore, there are relatively few competitors.

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