Common problems in nitrile glove production

Jun. 23, 2017 | 16:14:56

Nitrile gloves production line adopts the most advanced gloves production technology, layout and production process, the product has a high pass rate. We often encounter some problems in production. Let's discuss it together.

1, pinhole

Reason: the foam material has latent bubbles and the condition of breaking is not proper. The condition of coagulation is not proper and the dispersing liquid is not in good condition.

Methods: the adhesive parking time exceeds 16h, Shoumo temperature is not too high, mix temperature to 24 DEG C, Shoumo to clean, to ensure the coagulant filtration, dispersion of grinding time enough.

2, flow marks and marks

Reason: discontinuous entry and exit of rubber or small jitter during the stain prevention process, improper gelling speed control, and improper temperature control.

Measures: reduce the jitter, control the amount of stabilizer, and control the temperature of the dip.

Hope this helps. We can also supply the cast steel hand moulds base, unpowered beading machine etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

Nitrile gloves production line