Considerations for daily use of nitrile gloves

Jun. 03, 2017 | 10:32:38

As a manufacturer of nitrile gloves production line, we share the following considerations for the use of nitrile gloves.

Nitrile glove has excellent oil resistance, and its oil resistance is second only to that of polysulfide rubber and fluorine rubber, and it has the characteristics of wear resistance and air tightness.

The nitrile gloves produced by the nitrile glove production line can effectively prevent organic solvents, and the main advantages of them are high strength and high elasticity. Mainly to the hands of regular contact with liquid chemicals station, such as chemicals warehouse, alcohol cleaning. Because the main function of nitrile rubber is to prevent organic solvents, but it is not resistant to puncture, so the use of extra care should be careful, do not vigorously pull and strong wear and tear. Therefore, in the wearing of nitrile gloves operation, in addition to external wear veil gloves, in order to reduce the wear of gloves, and extend the service life.

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