Development Trend Of PVC

Jan. 18, 2020 | 19:59:08

China's pvc gloves production line china manufactures synthetic rubber gloves with PVC as raw material through impregnation technology. The equipment of the PVC gloves production line mainly consists of four parts: batching equipment, including mixer, filter bucket, vacuum defoamer, rubber Liquid conveying pump; dipping equipment, including rack, conveying chain, dipping tank, recovery tank machine, drip tank; plasticizing furnace; cooling, rolling lips, dusting, mold release, powder removing equipment, including cooling group, rolling lips group , Dusting group, demoulding module, deflection group. PVC glove production line adopts continuous production method and direct immersion method, uniform film formation, beautiful color, various models and specifications can be produced online at the same time, the production line length is 60 meters, 80 meters and 100 meters and other specifications, high degree of automation, large output, It can be configured with automatic demolding, and the length of production line can be designed and installed according to the customer's production site.

PVC gloves equipment china producing PVC gloves, firstly mix the main raw materials and additives in a special container to a certain proportion to form an emulsion. After filtering, vacuuming, standing, etc., use a pump to mix The material is sent to the dipping tank in the production line. Under normal production conditions, the hand mold on the assembly line automatically enters the dipping tank, the hand mold adhering to the emulsion comes out of the dipping tank in turn, and continuously rotates during the process to make the emulsion on the surface of the hand mold uniform and make the excess emulsion droop. Dripping down. The dripped liquid returns to the dipping tank through the collecting tank. After dripping the excess emulsion, the hand mold moves into the oven with the production line, and the oven temperature is controlled at 230-250 degrees Celsius. Under this condition, the emulsion on the hand is matured and formed. The hand mold coming out of the oven undergoes natural cooling, lip curling, powder coating and other processes. The gloves are manually removed from the hand mold, and the hand mold continuously travels to the dipping tank. After removing the PVC gloves, the finished products will be stored in the warehouse.

Impregnation: The hand mold is immersed in the stock solution in an orderly manner.

Lip curl: Use a moderate and delicate angle to make a lip curl on the cuff part of the glove

Release: Workers quickly and orderly remove the finished gloves from the hand mold.

Packaging: After physical inspection and visual inspection, various packaging

Today, the domestic PVC market continues to be dominated by weak adjustments. The market remains slightly pessimistic about future trends. Under the support of cost, merchants mainly provide stable prices and actively deliver. It has been observed that high level transactions and low price transactions are difficult to reach. National economic data for April was released yesterday, and the market is expected to raise interest rates. At present, oil prices have encountered resistance and it is difficult to resist falling. Domestic energy and chemical products should also fall. Therefore, the PVC market is greatly hindered. The most important thing is that the uncertain economic policy has aggravated the market differentiation, the operator's mentality is unstable, and the market is waiting and seeing. At present, even under the expectation of rising raw material costs and the coming of the peak season, it is difficult for the PVC market to emerge from a weak position in a short period of time. Affected by the flat domestic trading atmosphere, the domestic PVC market's main offer is between 7375 and 7425 tons.

Affected by the rise in markets in other regions, today the markets in Northeast and North China rose by about 50 yuan. It is understood that the current supply in the market is still a little tight, and the market demand is strong. However, due to the current relatively high prices, the bottom line of profits of downstream PVC manufacturers has been touched, so the resistance to rising again is relatively large, and it is expected that the market will be mainly stable in the short term.

Pvc Gloves Equipment China

Pvc Gloves Equipment China